Trading journal for traders

Of the Trading journal for traders download provides the user with a range of tools and tools for optimizing activity on the trading floor are available. With the shareware, among other purchases and sales are records. Therefore, the software is particularly well suited for stockbroker. A job in the stock market is very versatile. Shares, share certificates, shares, securities, foreign exchange, buying and selling - all that needs to be well organized at the end of the day. This is where trade does not matter. It is the same everywhere, whether on commodity exchanges, futures exchanges or stock exchanges. For the people who are devoted to the matter professionally or privately, there are free software programs for stocks for download. One of them is the trading journal for traders that offers brokers a lot of helpful tools and tools to organize their activities.

Trading journal for traders download

Trading journal for traders download includes, among other things "Memo of the day"

The trading journal for traders download is suitable for both official broker, also called market maker, as well as independent brokers, which determine, among other things, the prices of OTC securities and are approved by the Exchange Board. After downloading the software, the user has various tools for optimizing and organizing their activities. With the "Memo of the day" for example, can write down important notes quickly in digital form, as the most important tasks for the next day or the learning effects of the previous day. The stockbroker A more grabbing pad and pen, searching and finding notes is thus eliminated.

Share software enters transactions

With the help of the trading diary, you can monitor the activity on the trading floor in detail, analyze and evaluate. So one day activities can be held with the tool, for example, the realized positions and the open position. A Daily statistics can also be viewed. Detail the broker can lead to traders book about the transactions after downloading the trading diary. So you can enter the correct depot number in the tool, for example, and fits to the strategy used or the time level. Even brief comments can add the relevant transaction using the integrated editor. In the clear surface of the trading journal for traders can also add links to other sites or any important file systems. In addition, the assistant provides tools for training of attention and performance. Comprehensive and yet simple trading journal A job in the stock market is hectic. Who wants to optimize his performance on the floor, is well served by the trading journal for traders. The software provides the user with various tools to optimize the success rate aside, including graphical reports.

Limitations of trading journal for traders

Time-limited trial version that is limited to a maximum of 40 transactions.