4-stroke gasoline engine

Of the 4-stroke gasoline engine Download shows an animated sectional drawing of the combustion operation of the gasoline engine on the PC screen, so as to bring their operation closer to the viewer.

understand mechanics better with the download of 4-stroke gasoline engine

This animation brings the user of the Otto engine, the four different clocks (the four different pulses are meant) in more detail. In the demo version the user sees only the movement, but in the full version can accelerate this and he has labeled the individual components. For this reason, the download of 4-stroke gasoline engine is worth in the full version and a lot more, because it is a tool for general education for free, which can give the user a lot of knowledge.

The four strokes of the four-stroke petrol engine

The gasoline engine bears his name in honor of the inventor Nicolaus August Otto, who was a co-inventor of the four-stroke process. This is a cyclic process for the conversion of heat into rotational energy, which the following four measures (pulses) by running:

  • 1st cycle suction: Right in the animation, the inlet valve opens and the piston above the Kraftsoff-air mixture moves into the cylinder.
  • 2nd cycle compression: The valves on both sides are closed, while the piston compresses the gas mixture.
  • 3rd cycle works: The spark plug ignites an external and this gas mixture burns explosively, whereby the piston is pushed back down.
  • 4th cycle ejecting: The left valve is opened and the piston pushes the combustion gases from the cylinder.

The interaction with the great tool for general education

Once the user has purchased the full version of this software commercially available, it can the cycle process by pressing the "accelerator" accelerate. In addition, the individual components of the motor are labeled.

4-stroke gasoline engine Download

These two features round out the animation of the gasoline engine only and is for both functions to be absolutely essential for a basic understanding of this circuit. There, is also worth spending some money. The handling of the animation is otherwise simply unthinkable, so even unexperienced computer users know immediately what they have to do. To physics education and also for the home For those who always wanted to know what actually happens during a four-stroke cycle and for physics lessons to teach principles of mechanics, the download of 4-stroke gasoline engine is most suitable. Through him, the four different processes of the gasoline engine are illustrated and brought the audience closer thus. No experience needed only partly because the tool is very self-explanatory and should be understood by the broad masses of users. So it is not a tool that is understood only by mechanics and physics fans, but a program that is very rewarding in the full version.

Limitations of 4-stroke gasoline engine

No names of parts and bars in the trial, also is the accelerator without function.