Wedding Checklist

Of the Wedding Checklist Download as a professional wedding planner is a great help to complete the many tasks and to-dos reasonably relaxed about the most important day in the life of newlyweds. Nothing is forgotten, from the wedding invitations and the preparations for the honeymoon to the wedding games and the table decorations and flower arrangements of the wedding.

Checklist Wedding Download: Clever wedding planner in PDF format

The Swiss Life AG ​​Portal provides several clever Wedding checklists in PDF format, so that nothing can be forgotten. The prospective couple should plan the wedding ceremony in the long term, as already pending on the first tasks for about a year before the wedding in the wedding checklist. the bride and groom should be as early as possible, for example, the wedding date for the civil and church wedding and the conditions of the wedding set up the obligatory hen party. The wedding experts also recommend to gather ideas and suggestions on a wedding fair and to determine the costs incurred coarse and secure financing to ensure that no unpleasant surprises arise.

Wedding Checklist DownloadChecklist Wedding download in PDF format from the Swiss Life Portal AG

Wedding checklist for all the details surrounding the marriage

Furthermore, the distribution of tasks with the witnesses will be discussed at this early stage and created a guest list and an address list of potential suppliers. There is still enough time to get offers and compare prices. However, the location for the festival should be established as soon as possible, according to wedding planner. In this context, the newlyweds will catch up menu suggestions, compare and eat sample before local, banquet hall or party service be reserved. Calmly bride and groom can put together the program for the wedding party, determine the wedding car and the most important guests "Save-the-date" Send card.

PDF wedding planner for the wedding couple

It continues in the checklist wedding six months before the festival. Now, among other things, the wedding invitation cards are ordered and shipped. The couple should also make loud PDF wedding planner thoughts about the future family name and the banns at the registry office. The documents for the church wedding be compiled and chosen wedding dress, suit and accessories. Now the right time for the selection of wedding rings has come. Those who wish can create your own wedding website with all additional information and attend a dance class for the perfect wedding waltz. The couple will surely enjoy it, to plan their own honeymoon and to request a vacation for wedding and honeymoon.

Wedding Checklist Download PDFSix months before the big day, among others, the wedding invitation cards will be sent.

Checklist wedding with many tasks

The list of tasks after the wedding checklist download is seemingly endless. Now new to-dos are monthly loud wedding planner due up to the big day. Four to five months before the wedding, for example, the entertainment and the end of the celebration will be discussed with the witnesses and, where the menu, table and thank you cards in order. Two to three months before the wedding the couple ordered the wedding cake and flowers. Two to four weeks before a detailed daily schedule are defined with witnesses and helpers and chosen among others, the music for ceremony and celebration.

More checklist in PDF format with the wedding tasks

The checklist wedding still no end. recommend the wedding experts to pick a week before the wedding, the tickets for the honeymoon and to arrange travel documents. A day before the wedding rings, papers and the wedding outfit are laid ready and packed an emergency bag. On the big day the bride and groom should - in addition to various other dos - "breathe and enjoy this day to the fullest",

The additional checklist wedding tasks, which is also available in PDF format, does not represent the timing in the foreground, but the responsibilities of each party. Here newlyweds and witnesses can tick of who takes what. More programs for families including our well-stocked software catalog.

Checklist Wedding download tasksThe checklist wedding tasks with the responsibilities of those involved.