Of the download presents the latest movies, TV series and countless classic films. It is a true paradise for movie fans, this is too good as expected, to be true.

If the download legal?

Is legal? Unfortunately, this is the Download obviously not the case as copyrighted footage is offered. This is provided to external servers available via links. Therefore, our warning: Film Friends and Serienjunkies may be liable to prosecution when viewing the films and series. The operators of the streaming platform, however, say in your FAQ that offer was now legal, since the data is only cached when streaming. download: movies and series see legal online? (Picture:

For a long time there was among lawyers debate about whether such caching can be seen as illegal copy for the purposes of copyright. At least since the judgment of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) of April 2017, this must be affirmed. Thus, users are obliged streaming services like to check whether it is a copyrighted content that they view. If this is the case, the film makes friend with the illegal streaming punishable. with clever search and filter functions

Therefore our recommendation: Who uses, should be limited to the area of ​​the information of the web service and use only as a film search engine, rather than looking at the films themselves of dubious external Hoster. This, too, is worth it: Clever dissolved the various search and filter functions in the film and series deal. The user can, for example, only to filter movies that come from certain years, belong to the preferred genre or have received a certain IMDB rating. Download with clever search and filter functions (image: editorial)

The user can make all films alphabetically list or select the genre of the following categories, also: Action, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Bollywood, History, Horror, Music, Musical, Mystery, romance, sci-fi, Sport, Thriller, war and Western.

Information about year and leading actor.

Who clicks on one of the films will receive a short description of the content and information on IMDB rating, year of production, country of production, authors and main characters. Here are the available hosting streams to see and to point out in which languages ​​and what quality of the stream is present. downloadAs a film and series engine is quite informative. (Picture: editorial)