Cost accounting with Excel

Who rented commercial or residential spaces, is each year the annoying task of having to create a utility billing. Of the Utility bill with Excel Download this provides a convenient starting point. Common accumulating items are already listed and are distributed proportionally, automatically added up and, on request, the tax may be expelled. The form can be expanded at will and has an explanation of important points and supporting comments for data entry on board.

Utility bill with Excel download and installation

The utility bill with Excel download consists of a small executable file with a self-extracting archive. The want to copy when running the Excel file in the temporary directory of Windows. However, it is advisable to specify a location here where one finds the file reliable. If the file is unzipped, you go directly by double clicking. in addition installed Excel prerequisite for running is to activate macros.

Handling of the utility bill for Excel

The charge settlement with Excel is possible either with or without expulsion of the sales tax. Users should make early thoughts about whether VAT is. Identified, otherwise a troublesome manual copying of data from one to the other form is due. Because - and this is a small flaw in the Excel template - central fields for entering important data and values ​​do not exist. This applies to both master data and for the addressee and the settled values.

Utility bill with Excel DownloadUtility bill with Excel download as clever accounting template (Image: DomoConzept Man./Redaktion)

Billing template for homeowners and property manager is divided normal billing, billing including VAT and explanations in the sheets. When renting to individuals to choose the first sheet, in commercial rentals according to the variant with sales tax. The top of the utility bill landlord define your own distribution and determine whether they are direct costs or shared costs. These can then sign the bottom of the billing by sharing key and be taken into account. Once you have entered a new post, the table updates the assets and automatically calculates a possible additional payment or a credit. In addition, the height of the newly to be determined monthly maintenance fees payment is calculated - including the usual inflation. All of this is found in a properly structured settlement again, in the payment period and customary legal standards are included.

Utility bill with Excel download billingBilling template for homeowners and property managers (Picture: DomoConzept Man./Redaktion)

After the utility bill with Excel download User already received in the spreadsheet explanations extensive help for the preparation of accounting. Moreover, in many data fields balloon information provide explanations for the correct completion. Are in the Excel settings under the point view of the comments will be standing on the famous little red corners in table fields Additional information ready. The explanations are helpful decorated but a little training is absolutely necessary before the settlement with the free Excel template really misses.