Xbox 360 Controller driver

With the official Xbox 360 Controller driver could in the future also on Windows PC games with the game controller gamble. After the Xbox 360 controller driver download and install the driver, the computer recognizes the peripheral device as a joystick or gamepad. And even games can be played instead of mouse or keyboard to the Xbox 360 controller. Conditions are only a USB connection and a computer running at least Windows XP with Service Pack (SP2).

Installing the Xbox 360 Controller driver

For the correct download click the product Xbox 360 Controller for Windows. Then only the currently running on the computer Windows version and the language of the operating system must be selected. After the Xbox 360 Controller Driver Download the installation begins by clicking on Run. Here, a setup program guides you through the installation process. the computer after installing the driver may need to be restarted. Subsequently, the controller can be connected to the computer via USB plug and is ready for use.

Xbox 360 Controller driver

Setting up the Wireless Controller

To use the wireless controller with a Windows PC, the Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver is required. For this, the green shield is removed from the USB plug of the receiver and connected to the USB 2.0 port of the PC. Here, the USB port must have a power supply, sometimes only applies to the ports on the back of the computer. If the receiver turns green, the device is ready for use. After that, the Xbox 360 can be downloaded controller driver and installed. For this, the driver Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows as well as the current Windows version as well as the system language must be selected. After downloading and click on the menu item Run the setup program installs the necessary files. To use the wireless controller to the computer, receiver and routers need to be interconnected. For this, the connect button on the receiver after switching on the controller pressed first, until it turns green, and following the connection button on the back of the controller. When both devices permanently green, the connection is made and the games can be opened.

Xbox 360 Controller configure

After the Xbox 360 controller driver download and connecting the controller are numerous configurations for perfect gaming expierences are invalid. For this, choose Control Panel of the operating system Control Panel and as the "View devices and printers" option. The controller should be found under the menu item Device. By clicking the right mouse button on the controller, a menu from which you select the "Game controller settings" opens. Via the "Properties" to select the "Settings" tab and below the point "calibration". By clicking on "Next" to open the calibration wizard that guides the user through the configuration. The manufacturer incidentally recommends that you use the left stick in the calibration instead of the directional pad or the D-pad.

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