GoPro App

Users of the HERO Action Cameras from GoPro get the GoPro App the matching remote control. With the Android application not only photos or videos can be started, can be watch content with it, delete, copy to your phone, share on social networks and even cut.

GoPro App brings action camera fans even more fun

GoPro Actionscams are very popular among sports, speed and adrenaline junkies. The corresponding app was previously a pure remote control that allowed the triggering of photos or the start of a video recording. This ended far their scope - which was, however, now been increased remarkably. The app now allows work that was otherwise possible only via the computer. So can edit application, the photo and video material in various ways over the GoPro Android.

GoPro App

Requirements for the camera app

The GoPro App is available for free download and can be used on devices running Android version 4.3. Furthermore, requires the proper operation, especially the new features that the camera has the latest firmware. These can be downloaded from the manufacturer.

In order to use the app, the camera must also be Wi-Fi-enabled, to ensure communication between the devices. The following camera models are supported:

  • Hero4
  • Hero3 +
  • Hero3 (here is possibly a firmware update required)
  • HERO + LCD

GoPro Android allows photo and video editing

Thanks to the app updates users direct access to the created photo and video materials will be allowed. The need for a PC, otherwise only all files had to be copied to the order is completely eliminated. In addition to the live preview the recorded material can be many times as they like in retrospect. If a picture or video not particularly well managed, it can also be deleted via app from the camera.Who wants to free up space on the camera without deleting videos can also copy files to your smartphone. Are they there only once secured, they can be removed from the camera.

GoPro App Features

Feature for cutting the video material

An absolute highlight is the new interface function. Users can tinker little snippets about the app too long videos. Another possibility is the cutting of 5, 15 and 30 second clips. If you have a Hero4 Silver, Black Hero4 and the Hero + LCD, the cutting can even be made directly to the camera. For all other but the GoPro App is the perfect solution.

Equally convenient subsequent parts of the videos is through various channels. Directly from the app can thrilled with the new video footage or made envious friends and followers on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.