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The app is the successor of streaming service, bringing the popular streaming portal to mobile devices. With this Android application films and series in the stream can easily be viewed on smartphones and tablets. app for film and television fans – not to be confused with the Download – is one of the most popular streaming portals in Germany, on which users can watch movies for free. Users found on the page a huge deal where the new Movie Stream to old series stream almost everything is represented. In many cases, viewers between the original version and the German dubbed version can choose.

The site brings together various Internet links Hoster and does not produce videos. multiple entries for many videos as insurance if one of the providers does not work, there. Through these hedging nobody has to do without the TV stream.

If you just call the page from the mobile device, has big problems with the navigation. The small font as well as the many additional links provide numerous typos and weaken nerves, battery and data volume. The application offered here brings the content of the web on Android devices and displays them handy and clear. appWith the App series and movies to mobile devices stream (Picture: System Override / Editorial)

Mobile road at

The app provides easy navigation on the portal without unnecessary frills and advertising. In the main menu can be searched for a specific title. Who draws inspiration from the offer rather spoiled for choice between: New movies, popular movies, latest movies and popular series. In point already seen you can recall what has already been looked at.

Who has chosen a series, only has to select the season and then an episode. Unfortunately for the latter, only the numbers, but no titles are visible.
If you have a video selected, you can choose between streaming and download. The necessary in the portal choice of hosting company omitted and streaming will start automatically. Times should be no connection, can be checked with a click of the Server Status page. App DownloadChoice between streaming and download (Picture: System Override / Editorial)

Who worries about the high data consumption is clearly reflected, can conveniently select in the settings of the app download over Wi-Fi. In this way, the volume of data is protected and there are no nasty surprises at the end of the month.

Online TV application is still in development

Who the app downloads, so you must install expect some teething problems at the application APK. Users can send the developer feedback, so, difficulties and wishes of the user can be recorded and further expand the app. Since the Android app is not available on the Google Play Store, no automatic updates will take place new version releases.

Legality of doubtful

Most users are aware that in the streaming links copyright infringement exists. Since there are conflicting judgments on the liability of users, many uncertainties whether is legal – or not.

It is clear that the owner of the site and the streaming links in doubt is liable. This was made clear by the crackdown on the operators of app. since some lawyers reassure worried users and insist that’s safe.

Who really wants to be on the safe side legally in the online entertainment and want to obtain the best series by legal means, should take advantage of the numerous alternatives. Although these are usually fee, but provide for movies in better quality. And if in doubt the legal stream is still cheaper than potential legal fees. but if a file sharing warning lands in the mailbox: Here are six tips on what to do.

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