Of the Outlook download is the successor to Microsoft Hotmail. With the online service but you can not only create a free email address, send it via webmail and receive emails or access via POP and IMAP via the mail client. Besides, the PIM Web App integrates a comfortable address book, calendar, online storage OneDrive and Office Online and builds Skype connections directly by clicking on contacts stored on. All this is available on the modern surface metro look on desktop PC, tablet and smartphone.

Create an email address without Outlook Download

Although Hotmail.com was a very popular provider of free email addresses, but visually and functionally come a little older. Outlook.com, however, can be both visually and in terms of ease of use, can see properly. While Outlook 2010/2013 must be installed, thanks to the Web app also the Outlook download not necessary - despite the wide range of functions everything runs completely in the browser. Handling is beginner-friendly and does not require small nested menus. New addresses can be registered in an instant and are either @ outlook.de, @ outlook.com, @ hotmail.com or disposal.

Simply give the user a name, select the required address and specify an email password. The registry also requires entering a phone number or an existing mail account. Furthermore, access to the Outlook mail address is guaranteed in case of password loss. Practical: If there is already an account for OneDrive, the XBox or Windows Phone, this can also be used as a login for Outlook Web Access. As a direct competitor to Gmail Microsoft also has its own Web app for Gmail in Outlook to import.

Outlook downloadOutlook Download: Creating an account (Image: editorial)

Write mails via OWA or mail client

On request, the Outlook mail address can use the way, not only in the webmail, access is also possible with a mail program. To access users via POP3 / SMTP and since the end of 2013 now also via IMAP to the Outlook server and / or call mails from there to manage them in the local mailer. In the IMAP variant, the messages remain on the Microsoft Server stored and available simultaneously via the Outlook Web App without download. Those who like to edit the old-fashion way e-mails in one program, a free selection of suitable email client downloads here. But the operation in the web browser is well organized and goes quickly out of hand. Posting emails takes place in one window and is further facilitated by default settings, such as setting font and size in the Outlook options and inserting a signature in text or HTML format.

Plants to add a wish by uploading them from your own plate, or with a few clicks directly from OneDrive. In addition, images can be integrated in the text of the email. Comfortable: The switchable via the options menu check for missing equipment warns you if an attachment mentioned in the text, but was not attached. you can write emails the way either to one or more recipients, in addition to addressees can rely on copy (Cc) and blind carbon copy (Bcc) ship. Via the options menu to set an alternative reply address is available on request.

manage mail recipients to the Outlook address book

Manage addressee user, however, comfortable with the integrated address book. Which is available to be displayed as soon as you move the mouse to the top of the Outlook Web App on the Contacts button in the menu bar. Here, the receiver can be entered either individually, or you can import address book in Outlook using different methods recipients. Transfer can be contacts from Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and Yahoo. In addition, the address import Outlook 2010/2013, Windows Live Mail or CSV file is possible. Each contact to whom an email from Outlook Online was sent is also stored automatically.

Outlook Address Book DownloadConvenient selection of the mail addressees (Picture: editorial)

In addition to the email address that is desired a lot more details about each contact from, for example, address data, telephone and alternate addresses, email addresses, web sites, etc. Individual contacts are organized also with little effort in groups. In this way, the writing of messages to many recipients at the same time is organized in no time. In addition, you can export the Outlook address book as a CSV file or directly in Outlook 2010/2013. The recipient groups, however, have been left by the wayside.

Mails received and sort by filter rule

Incoming mail scans Outlook of course contained pests, including the well-functioning spam filter is now mandatory, although it should be mentioned briefly. However Schick is the integrated mail filter: Who receives many messages, sometimes may lose sometimes track. The integrated in Outlook Web App download automatic collation saves tiresome manual sorting and can perform with each incoming time certain actions. The filters can be combined and adjusted if they are active only when an exact match, or even if, for example, a word is only part of the subject. Available mail filter for incoming mail:

  • Subject
  • return address
  • sender name
  • recipient address
  • investment

Using this filter, the following actions are possible:

  • By category
  • Move to Folder
  • Delete message completely
  • mark
  • Forward to another address (only possible after checking the account via SMS)

Outlook Download mail filterRules can be created (picture: editorial)

Including Outlook calendars, online storage, and Office Online

In addition to convenient communications center still make a number of other integrated applications, the Web App Outlook without downloading complete solution for mobile work. The online scheduler is also available on the top menu bar available and is extremely easy-to-use. Dates can be entered in 30-minute intervals, this just a double, respectively tapping the corresponding day in the overview of the Outlook calendar is necessary. In the window that opens and symbols can be assigned to a date close to the date, time and location. That sounds like a gimmick, but increases the clarity in the calendar overview well behind. Which is the way the different views day, month, etc. and ready to be time independent task scheduler. Nice goodies: The MSN Weather for my location is displayed in the calendar overview directly as a symbol. And move once applied, dates users easily drag and drop - the appointment details change automatically.

In addition, the creation of recurring appointments in rotation is daily, weekly, monthly, or annually provided. If even more participants are invited to the appointment, the Outlook scheduler sent the corresponding notifications off automatically via email. If a date deleted, a date cancellation will be sent automatically. Alternatively, the planners of the Outlook Web App can also be used as a group calendar. to the calendar via the associated functional sections can share selectively with individuals. To an email address is simply entered and selected the desired authorization level.

Outlook Calendar DownloadCalendar with other people share (Image: editorial)

available permissions for the group calendar:

  • Partners (in)
  • view, edit and delete items
  • View Details
  • View free / occupied periods, titles and locations
  • View free / occupied periods

Alternatively, the Outlook Cal may be shared only with read rights for Free / Busy or event details. These are various options available:

  • HTML: Link to display the web browser
  • ICS: Import into another calendar applications via webcals
  • XML: display in a Feed Reader

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