Gardena My Garden

Gardena My Garden

With the Gardena My Garden Download creates the future green oasis without a ground-breaking ceremony and on the PC screen. The free web app of the famous specialist for Garden accessories plans of mounts on plant locations to irrigation, which belongs to it as to its own green space.

Gardena My Garden Download Virtual Langschaft gardener

Here Gardena My Garden rectangular plots designed as well as those that lie in curves or have angles. When creating the individual area of ​​the virtual Langschaft gardener helps with an always apparent dimensions of the routes. After completion of plot is placed not only trees, shrubs, flowers and similar plant in the available area in Gardena My Garden. Even furniture like umbrellas and benches, the essential grill or the basketball hoop for the offspring can be inserted in a stylized form. The same applies to water surfaces in the form of ponds or wells.

Additionally, those who do not want to rely on the irrigation of Mother Nature, is based directly on the computer also like a sprinkler system to the factory. Here Gardena My Garden served naturally the products of his party. This provides the Gartenplaner otherwise usefully together in a shopping list. Those who are still undecided about the design of its green spaces, the Gardena My Garden offers inspiration in the form of various planning documents. Here are samples from the more compact city garden ready to the magnificent villas-framing for inspection. To save even more garden planning a free registration offered is required.

Gardena My Garden Download