Of the AVS Video Recorder Download for amateur filmmakers whose video camera actually moves along always and everywhere, is designed. The free video recorder can bring all the recorded video on the PC. In addition to the video transmission the tool is also able to capture video via webcam or TV card.

With AVS Video Recorder Download video transfer is a breeze

Users who when and where the opportunity presents itself, get out get their video camera will certainly need to accumulate home a considerable collection of video material: Recordings of last summer, the children's birthday parties, a visit with the grandparents and the last trip to the zoo. Who wants to bring all these beautiful memories to your PC to back them up or further process requires a helper from the category of free programs for audio & Video, which specializes in capturing video. Such a specialist is the AVS Video Recorder Download. The capture tool facilitates the transfer of videos. It is able both to play video from multiple sources, including DV or VHS-cameras and save it to your PC as well as record videos. This is achieved via webcam, TV and DVB cards.

AVS Video Recorder Download

System of the VCR

The free download of video tools is only for PCs with Windows operating systems. The recorder runs on Windows XP, 2003 and Vista and DirectX 9.0c or higher. Anyone who uses Windows XP or 2003, should provide 512 MB of RAM and a 1700 MHz CPU. For Vista users, it is important to provide an Intel / AMD-compatible single-core processor with 3 GHz or 1.8 GHz dual core. In addition, a GB of RAM is required.

The performance of AVS Video Recorder

The capture tool comes with a clean held, structured surface on the PC. The download of AVS Video Recorder is also in German, so that every user can handle without foreign language skills with them. Also beneficial for beginners is the Start Center, which has all the important functions at a glance for the user. So the user sees immediately after opening the program that he hereby transfer videos, convert and burn, but can also edit and cut. In addition, the videos can be played via an integrated preview window.

AVS Video Recorder Download Features

Capture tool comes with many formats clear

the user wants to transfer a video shot, the Capture Professional comes with proposals for video formats around the corner. Who does not want to follow the recommended storage format, alternatively, set a size manually. For saving formats such as MPEG, MJPEG or AVI can be selected. When transferring the helper comes effortlessly clear with digital standards such as DV and mini-DV. In addition, newer formats such as HD can be transmitted. Most of these images are then converted into the compressed MPEG-2. Likewise, users can digitize collections of old VHS tapes. That is, the recorder can play video from any source, thus ensuring reliable.