Of the ProfiCAD download comes as a professional helper for drawing electrical schematics and related technical documentation on the PC. The freeware for home users includes a library of more than 1,000 ready-made icons which greatly facilitate the work.

ProfiCAD download as CAD program for technical drawings

These small graphics placing simply drag&Drop; In his drawings and adjusts them with little effort in terms of their dimensions. ProfiCAD numbered by the individual components, and updates the count if a new element is installed. In addition, the CAD program calculates the material requirements and exported it to the Windows clipboard. are taken into account both cable lengths as well as the required parts. Other useful features include the production of netlists, director lists, material lists and the drawing of two colored cables.

ProfiCAD download

ProfiCAD for technical drawings of all kinds

The free for personal use software can be used effectively for the drawing of electrical and electronic wiring diagrams, schematics and wiring diagrams not only. It shall also apply in the pneumatic and hydraulic systems and other technical drawings. ProfiCAD showing cross-references between two lines or between the symbols belonging to a component, for example relay coil and contacts. Each time the user can access a linked symbol on another page by clicking on the reference.

Use of technical symbols and special characters

For a correct caption shown ProfiCAD supports Unicode character sets. Thus, the designer ensures that go both technical symbols and special characters from foreign languages ​​when exporting lost.

Mouse wheel continuously enlarge

In the current version of the menu displays can – be used Fit to window to present the complete page. he when the user holds down the Ctrl + Shift keys pressed, can use the mouse wheel continuously enlarge. In addition, the labels can now be displayed vertically by vertical connections. Further optimizations are in Rotate and flip images and when automatic connection of symbols should come.

ProfiCAD download schematics

Small restrictions in the free ProfiCAD Home Version

The non-commercial home version is released for free use. However, this has ProfiCAD download a few small restrictions and supports neither material lists, netlists and head still lists the reference grid or the footer editor. In addition, the finished circuit diagrams can be exported only as images in PNG, BMP, or EMF format, but not in the common in CAD DXF format. Other CAD programs are available in our software catalog for free download.

Limitations of ProfiCAD

For non-commercial use free.