The LightScribe system software allows owners of the same DVD drive, their blanks directly after the burning process be provided with a personalized label and DVD label and blank CDs professionally. This task is performed usually burning software such as Nero, but which also need the LightScribe freeware for this.

LightScribe Download: CD and DVD label professionally

In addition, special pieces of silver for which was developed by Hewlett Packard and Lite-On method for labeling a CD or a DVD using a LightScribe compatible burner requirement. LightScribe download can be even without such a CD / DVD burner installed, but understandably not then carries out his services. The Software acts as a driver for the LightScribe technology of the burner. A special laser burns the label directly to the suitable blanks in this technology. The user gives an individual and professional touch in this way his self-recorded storage media.

LightScribe download

Blank DVDs now label and load templates

Who calls a LightScribe burner his own, gets to the LightScribe download quasi-obligatory event. The free burning assistant puts the burning program used in each case not only in a position to label blank DVDs, but also linked to the websites of the manufacturer. There you will find, for example, Templates for download as well as suggestions and ideas for designing your own labels.

Second Firing using inverted blank

Those who want to provide a CD or DVD with a Light Scribe labeling, burning out as usual with the desired contents and then rotates the blank just in the drive to. In a second firing, the LightScribe technology brings the lettering on. It is therefore not described in the data page, but the label side of the CD or DVD. In the early years of the process the matte surfaces were always bronze, but later more colors were added, so that the user now has a greater choice in the color design. The contrast settings can be changed on request in LightScribe Control Panel.

LightScribe Download Contrast

The light-sensitive coating of the LightScribe blanks

A LightScribe blank has a light-sensitive coating on the label side. These changes color when struck by infrared laser light. The label can not be deleted, but a expand existing labeling and repeatedly label a blank congruent. Who wants to run a full-area label, this takes several minutes. The LightScribe method is suitable for dark text on a light background than vice versa.

LightScribe Download Cover

Write self-designed cover on CD and DVD media The LightScribe system software writes self-designed cover on CD and DVD media, thus saving the user the purchase of CD-pins. With the LightScribe technology texts and images are engraved quickly and easily in the blanks. With suitable burning programs that have the Light Scribe function, such as the free CDBurnerXP, succeeds to create individual cover and transfer it to the CD and DVD media, for these to label professional.