Netflix fix 0013 errors and continue to stream mobile!

Netflix fix 0013 errors and continue to stream mobile!

The Netflix 0013 Error message has blocked playback of favorite series or a thrilling blockbuster? learn how fixed the problem & the program can be continued!

Note: The error message occurs on Android devices only after downloading the Netflix app.

Netflix 0013 Error: The cause

The error message then in general, if there are outdated information on the smartphone or tablet that need an update. To resolve the Netflix 0013 message, you should perform the following steps.

Netflix 0013Although it is annoying, but the Netflix 0013 error message can be resolved quickly.

Step 1: stream a different title

First of all, it should be clarified whether the problem is with a particular title or the application itself. That you can find out simply by trying to play a different movie or another show. Should it work here, the error can be reported directly to the Netflix support. For this you open the website of the provider and selects the non-playable titles. In addition to selecting a link through which the problem can be reported is found. If these are missing, Netflix has already been informed about this issue and working on a solution.

Step 2: Change the network

Occasionally it may happen that the network connection on strike. In this case, you should close the application completely and change the type of connection, for example by changing or Wi-Fi to mobile network vice versa.

Step 3: Delete user data

The problem message occurs in most cases, if the application is accessing obsolete data. Therefore, it almost always helps when the collected user data is thrown from the machine. The steps are as follows:

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  1. First you have the option settings are accessed on a smartphone or tablet.
  2. Here you can choose – depending on the device – the menu item Application Manager, applications, or apps.
  3. Among the listed applications you choose Netflix.
  4. This opens an overview of all relevant information and delete data option
  5. The operation must only be confirmed with OK and the app will be restarted.

Reinstall the Netflix app Step 4:

If none of the steps that Netflix can fix 0013 message, you have to resort to brutal means. In this case, it only helps to throw the app completely from the mobile device and reinstall afterwards. This is a bit complicated, but crowned in most cases of success.

If all else fails: Message to Support

If all four options to correct the interference fail only helps a message to the support of Netflix. The German-language service is available 9:00 to 22:00 by calling 0800-724-0963. In the remaining hours Clients of the portal is an English-language support. Alternatively, an email can be shipped via the website or a live chat can be started.