After this Photo sorter XL Download provides users with a tool that allows him to manage large collections of images efficiently. So you can for example drag & Drop a few clicks move images folder and identify duplicate photos faster and delete duplicates using the integrated checks.

Photo sorter XL Download help build the folder system

There are on the market numerous software programs for image viewing with free download. One of them is the photo sorter XL of the manufacturer IN MEDIA KG. The tool helps the photographer especially in bringing order in larger image collections. Anyone who has ever worked large amounts of photos, know the benefits of a well-structured database images to appreciate.

Photo sorter XL Download

manage large collections of images easier

Finally, it is the invention of the digital camera and more powerful memory cards no longer a problem, and to photograph the same scene dozens of times in order to select the best photos afterwards. In this way, a lot of pictures collect at both amateur photographers as well as professional photographers over the years who, without reasonable named folders and folder system, are almost impossible to overlook, or work with the pictures at least but significantly difficult. Exactly for such purposes the photo sorter XL is intended.

Image management software with clear user interface

The image viewer provides the user with a number of tools and tools at hand. This help not to lose the overview and to bring order into bigger pictures collections. The software itself presents a clearly arranged user interface. The main view is divided into two windows. On the left is the source folder on the right the target window with the schematic folder structure. In this way, you can quickly and easily create a new folder system by moving individual folders, the photos by using the mouse or rotate images. In addition, so-called doublets can see a photo sorter XL quickly and effectively duplicate images.

The functions of the PhotoSort XL at a glance:

  • Photos quickly sort by source and destination window
  • Rotate, copy, move, rename, and delete photos
  • Meta-data such as e.g. Camera type, date, shutter speed are displayed
  • Duplicate check (intelligent erase function for duplicate photos)
  • Multi-Rename tool for filenames
  • Search with filters (for example, file name, date before / after, etc ..)
  • Easily create folder structures
  • Including various presentation options
  • Complete keyboard to use for faster work
  • Storage for photos can be determined

Limitations of PhotoSort XL

Functionally limited trial