MovieStarPlanet 2023


With the MovieStarPlanet Download each user is to Super Star. In the virtual world you can turn a successful actor movies, chat with friends and become famous. Within the world of superstars each his house may establish, Pet care, go shopping, or playing games.

Newly created in MovieStarPlanet Download

The MovieStarPlanet’s game and social network in one. Each user creates a character who lives as a star in virtual reality. Here, the avatar can meet their own appearance or be a completely wacky rock star.

Skin, hair and eye color can be absolutely freely. From classic blond Bob to multicolored Sturmfrisur all there. The choice of clothing can be very much room. Then, the newly-born superstar can embark on exploration and shopping in the digital world celebrity.

MovieStarPlanet Download

MovieStarPlanet play and develop creativity

The world MovieStarPlanet download is divided into five different areas.

In the chat you can come another Movie Stars this week to me in different rooms. Here you can see the avatars of other users and can also chat with unknown players. Funnily enough, can also be installed facial expressions and movements in the conversation next to the words.

In the games there is a huge selection of games, with those stars can pass the time when they are not exactly the Movie Town. This is the creative enterprise of the Star Planets, where you can shoot a new movie or create collections. These creations players can take part in various competitions and gain fame, money and diamonds.

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In the areas of domestic and shopping you can be the proud owner of crazy quadruped or buy new accessories, clothes or backgrounds for the avatar.

Simulation game with cost traps

Unfortunately, a very large part of the game is focused on transactions. Different facial components, clothing and items can be acquired and various actions cost extra.

For this, players use virtual currency Starcoins and Fame. After logging in, each participant receives a fixed written budget and can earn additional units through games or competitions. Since life is quite expensive as a star, this is barely enough to buy a pet or clothes.

As a way out can purchase a VIP status and monthly Fame amounts for cash. Expenses that add up very quickly on large amounts. Findigere players avoid the cost trap by applying MovieStarPlanet cheat codes to get to coins.
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