Elf Yourself

Elf Yourself

At the Elf Yourself Download provided by the user with witty portraits for hot dance routines as Christmas elf. Who occur ever want in elf costume in a music video and a hot sole wanted to lay it on the floor, comes with free Elf Yourself WebApp their money.

With the Elf Yourself download the music video star

Elf Yourself Download makes the user – suitable photo provided – to a Christmas music video star. In the first step, at least a photo of yourself or an x-any other people by file upload, Facebook and webcam is required to transmit to the Web app. Now the fine adjustment of the photo collage photo between head and animated elf body takes place. After that, the Elf Yourself PC version generates a customized to personal taste music video – whether radio, hip hop, disco or rather Country is one of one’s preferred music genre.

Elf Yourself DownloadElfYourself Download: Again this year, the hot Elfentanz is back online. (Picture: OfficeMax / Editorial)

one like the video very good, you can send the elf dance number by e-mail or Facebook to friends and acquaintances. For a small fee, the ElfYourself Download as Flash video on the hard drive can store.

Elf Yourself Web app a great success for years

A small retrospective: The Elf Yourself download was in the years 2006 to 2009, the big hit on the web. In the last and next to last Christmas season, the Elf Yourself app was active at last with some new dance routines as Honky Tonk, EDM and EspaƱol and higher video resolution. For ElfYourself 2017 new, entertaining dances are added again.

New Elf Yourself PC version with 18 Christmas dance routines

The elves are again for Christmas 2017 from November 1 as Elf Yourself Web App emerge from obscurity. You now have more than 20 different dance styles on board. Still be read when calling the ElfYourself WebApp that the Christmas elves desperately need a break. Apparently they have now recovered and the Christmas cult dance can start again. A counter shows when it will begin.

Elf Yourself Download sliderThe face can be adjusted comfortably with the slider. (Picture: OfficeMax / Editorial)

Upload portraits in the Elf Yourself WebApp and adjust head shape

The operation of the Elf Yourself WebApp is simple: Just own or other Portrait upload images and customize the elves head shape. The user displaces the photo until your face fits perfectly in the given context. Two slider Rotate and Zoom are available to rotate the image or change in size.

Select from various dance routines

The red slider should match the mouth. The frame around the face can also be changed as you wish. Then select the desired dance style like Office Party, hip hop or soul. Now you can share the dance routine in elf costume with friends via Facebook, Twitter or email. The URL of the dancing ends up by clicking on the link icon in the clipboard, so dance-crazy elves and can put together a collection of their own dance routines and store quickly and easily. In addition, the Elf Yourself fan can permanently enjoy smartphone or tablet on Elfentanz. An Elf Yourself app for Android and iOS is also available.

Elf Yourself Download Xmas DanceNow there are in ElfYourself already 18 different dance styles. (Picture: OfficeMax / Editorial)

The following Elf Yourself Dance Styles are the current Elf Yourself download during the Christmas season to choose from:

  • Secret Santa
  • Hip Hop Shop
  • Chrismukkah
  • Breaking
  • Felize Navidad
  • Office Party
  • Elfspanol
  • EDM
  • Charleston
  • Classic
  • Honky Tonk
  • soul
  • 80’s
  • hip hop
  • Jingle Pop
  • Cats!
  • House Party
  • Oh Hanukkah

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