The Room 3

The Room 3

Hunger for secrets and mysterious puzzles in quirky devices? Then rolled up sleeves and nothing like The Room 3 App downloaded. Expectations for the third part of the Room series will not be disappointed!

High hopes for The Room 3 App

The creators of Fireproof Games have ended up with The Room a real hit. The first part was awarded several times. It was commissioned by the BAFTA not only the award for Best British Game, it cleared (Best Handheld / Mobile Game), the award GDC and was honored by Pocket Gamer and Apple as Game of the Year 2012 found. Now you might think, to connect to this success is almost impossible. Not for the makers of The Room. Also Part Two cleared not much less awards and nominations. Logical that since the expectations of “The Room Three” in both the community and the reviews are correspondingly high. – and how it looks, Fireproof Games can fulfill this too.

The Room 3 App

The game is made as well as the predecessor for iOS and Android available. Which – as well as usual – the Apple users are again the lucky ones who are supplied first. but Android is still well in any case.

The Room 3 searches clever gamer

With Part Three of Room series, the user receives again a puzzle very special. What at first looks simple turns out to be very tricky, in which one of the head is also made from time to time for annealing and possibly the fan.

known as well as from the first parts, the gamer enters The Room 3 Android in a very bizarre world of puzzles. It all starts with a mysterious story that guides the user from puzzles to puzzles and task to task to ultimately assemble all the pieces of the mystery to a solution. The individual tasks are subject to very different machines and equipment. The user has to deal, among other things with a suitcase, opaque records locked steel doors, secret compartments, sculptures and much more. are in demand in this puzzle game three things: patience, strong nerves and a bright head.

The Room 3 App Puzzles

Gloomy atmosphere image and sound

Of course, the The Room 3 app shows again fascinating mysterious 3D graphics. Not only the puzzles, but also the design, with its lovingly created details to draw the player into the spell creates. This is ensured not least the perfect sound bed that perfectly accompanies the mystical atmosphere of the game.