Tip Rapid keyboard training 10-finger system 2023

Tip Rapid keyboard training 10-finger system

At the Tip Rapid Download is it is a typewriter-learning course that can be done online in 15 lessons. For effectiveness in systematically structured basic course provide various Wiederholvorschläge.

Tip Rapid Download: Keyboard training in the 10-finger system

The clear basic course with 15 lessons not only shows the progress but does because of the error statistics also very individual Wiederholvorschläge. The use of keyboard training in the 10-finger system is free, but requires once a registration and registration. The keyboard training works according to the author only with Firefox and JavaScript.

Tip Rapid Download

increasing number of attacks

Under Options, the user adjusts the minimum speed per minute and the number of attacks according to your preference. Who the 10-finger system has already far mastered a piece or been sufficiently trained, can increase this way its performance objectives targeted.

preset 80 strokes per minute as standard

As a minimum, 80 strokes per minute apply, with capital letters and special characters as two stops are counted. This value is set as the default. If it is found during practice that one’s average speed is higher, he should be increased gradually to have a learning effect due. Here, the user can well geared to the respective slowest average speed in the lessons.

Tip Rapid allowed a margin of error of two percent

In addition, the number of allowed percentage error can be set. As a preset standard value initially applies 2 percent. A Abschreibvorlage is considered completed as successful when the tip end of at least 120 strokes per minute creates errors in only a maximum of two percent. In this case, the tip template is not repeated before the expiry of at least 12 hours. If it is mastered successful again, the time until the next recurrence increases significantly.

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Tip Rapid Download lesson

Tip Rapid contains keyboard training and mental training

Of the free Tipptrainer consists of two parts, one for the keyboard training program Tip Rapid and on the other a mental workout that specifically takes care of the configuration and operation of the keys. In this way, learning entry into the 10-finger system, the basics of writing. The mental training encompasses a flash cards with 200 questions and answers about the buttons and their use in the 10-finger system. The manufacturer recommends that you perform before the actual keyboard training in the first week of training at least half an hour of mental training. More free Tip training are available in our software offering.