3D Skat

makes for exciting moments with the popular card game of 3D Skat Download. But in real life any more players of flesh and blood are mandatory for the digital version. 3D Skat you can also play alone. Skat is probably one of the world's most popular card games besides poker. Were in former times always several people for the game needed, so today there are numerous digital versions in which no second or third persons more is imperative. Here you can download the appropriate Skat programs for free. Even the 3D Skat download can be found in this section. As with some other digital versions can be 3D Skat also play alone, for example, if just no other player is present.

3D Skat Download

3D Skat download includes fully animated maps

Nevertheless, the Skat fan after the 3D Skat Downlaod not be without a cozy and exciting match, because his opponents are no less flexible and challenging computer opponents. Boring it is not so fast. For this, among other things, the three-dimensional representation of maps makes. As it suggests the product name, it is in this Skat version to fully animated 3D cards.

Speech and different game variations including

Apart from the three-dimensional graphics knows that sold by the publisher Rondomedia game to impress with some other properties. So the 3D Skat offers download the Skat-enthusiastic players and a voice output and various settings for a large number of game variants. From the variant "zero" to "Grand with lace" is probably all there, what can beat the fan's heart, including the game variations "counterpoint", "Re", "Sub" or "deer". The infamous fixed and junk rounds are represented - after all, it is important to offer the passionate Skatspieler whole range.

Also game according to rules of DSKV possible

Of course, after the 3D Skat download is also a classic game of Skat possible, which is oriented more or less strictly to the rules of DSKV. The abbreviation stands for German DSKV Skatverband. In contrast to some other countries in the world and other card games Skat is operated in Germany in many places sporty. Most clubs are affiliated to the DSKV, which in turn organisier most championships. One of the outstanding features of the 3D Skat include:

  • 3 difficulty levels
  • Fully animated 3D maps
  • adjustable rules
  • Many special rules
  • Various game aids
  • Tutorial for beginners
  • Highscores
  • Speech and comments
  • German and French image3-D game fun for real Skat fans Fans of the popular card game are well served with 3D Skat download. A second or even third person is not absolutely necessary for the matches - thanks to the versatile computer opponents. With all the variety of Speilvarianten that supports 3D Skat, then come fast no boredom in front of the PC.