Police Report App

The Police Report App shows official police reports, the fire department and other agencies from all over Germany. Authors of the messages are here only the local police or ministries. With the police report app, the user is always informed about police investigations and crime in Germany, among other burglaries, thefts, violent crimes, searches and witness calls. Also, information on accidents can be called up quickly and easily with the police report at any time.

Police Report App with relating to accidents, thefts, violent crime and manhunts

"discovered three dead in apartment". "Unknown raised repeatedly unjustified money from". "Federal police are searching for more victims of sexual harassment". "Head-on collision on the B22". "Federal police find paintball sniper rifle in the trunk". "Bus collides with semi-trailer: Three Injured" - Those interested in police reports of all types, an overview of the latest press releases of police departments and other authorities about the police report app can see.

Police Report AppThe police report app provides information on violent crime and search operations of all kinds (Picture: high sophisticated / Editorial)

The user's region is automatically detected and filtered reports accordingly

practically it after downloading the police report APK optional automatic detection of the current region and the assignment of the relevant authorities. This prevents the user receives a flood of messages. The police intelligence thus always have a local connection, for example, to their own district or administrative region.

Those who want it, to select additional authorities from all over Germany as you wish. For this, the Germany card button is used. The automatic assignment to a particular region can be deactivated again in the settings at any time. Which department is assigned to the user, you can see by clicking on the map of Germany. also subscribe to additional authorities reports of these can be.

Optional notification and automatic update.

Who wants to be kept informed of certain police investigations to date, takes the opportunity of the notification and automatic updating. The time intervals at which an update is done, the user in the police report app can specify.

Poiizeibericht app with access to a contact form local police

After starting the police report Android app is first necessary to see a list of various police reports. With one tap on a particular message, the user opens the respective complete press release and access to a contact form local police.

Police Report App SupportTo all messages a contact to the police on site is available. (Picture: high sophisticated / Editorial)

Automatically detected and manually selected departments

A click on the card in the bar at the top leads to the selection of services. Here's services automatically determined are listed, as well as the manually selected. Who typed on the heart in the groin, can share in a social network or contact the manufacturer of the application, among other things, a message to indicate errors or problems. More information and software to region, house & Family to free download, our well-stocked software offering.