Of the WinZip download one of the classics among the packers. Compressing simplifies and speeds up the transfer of large files and folders, and saves disk space. The packer has the compression routines of their own ZIP format significantly optimized and comes with the new development ZIPX at considerably smaller archives. but the Pack helper also supports all other common archive formats like RAR, 7Z, TAR, CAB, GZIP and BZ2 and integrates fully into the surface of Windows.

WinZip Download: Dino under the packers

For the first time WinZip was released in April 1991 as a front-end version of the written by Phil Katz Pack program PKZIP for Windows computers. From then on the WinZip Download accompanied as a standard for compressing and decompressing files whole generations of computers. In May 2006, WinZip was taken over by the Canadian software company Corel Corporation. Large files sent to the user via e-mail, cloud services, social networks or instant messenger. are supported including Facebook, Google Talk, Google+ Hangouts, Yahoo! Messenger and Jabber.

WinZip downloadWinZip download as Pack classic with intelligent cloud capabilities. (Picture: editorial)

Comfortable sharing files via ZipShare

The ZipShare function provides direct access to exchange files in the current WinZip download. The in-house web application primarily facilitates the transfer of large files. Compressed files can thus be used together with a message on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to send.

See preview zipped attachments

Thanks to the simplified user interface, you simply put their files even faster on and off. Even compressed JPEG images of the classics without losing quality. In addition, the packer offers a preview of archived files in the Explorer. Who manages your e-mails with Outlook, get a preview zipped attachments here. By double individual content directly from the Windows File Manager, unpack out.

Jump Lists for fast access to certain operations

Features include the so-called jump lists, which gives quick access to frequently used operations. In addition, WinZip responds to finger gestures performed by the user on the touch pad. Easily drag&Drop to change the folder structure and move individual files. Practical: WinZip brings images from digital cameras, which so-called support Windows Image Acquisition, directly into ZIP files to the computer.

encrypt files using WinZip and watermarked

Special attention is directed WinZip on data security. The created during compression temporary data not only clears the packer, but overrides it by Pentagon standards. Restoring by unauthorized persons is practically impossible. To protect the own privacy, files can be encrypted when compressing and add watermark. In this way, an unauthorized opening and copying can be prevented.

WinZip download encryptionencrypt files when compressing and add watermark (image: editorial)

manage files and folders in Cloud accounts clearly

The current WinZip download makes the optimized touch support zipping files even easier. In addition, the packer has now prepared a thoughtful cloud file sharing. The advanced cloud capabilities ensure that files and folders are managed comfortably and clearly in their own cloud accounts, even if they are stored in different cloud accounts. The Pack helper supports, among other things stored with Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, CloudMe, SugarSync and MediaFire files.

WinZip download CloudWinZip with smart cloud file sharing (Picture: editorial)

WinZip calculated for each file type, the best packing method

As a special treat WinZip has long been the option "optimal compression" on board. This function calculates the best packing method for each packaged file type, thus ensuring even smaller archives. The packer makes users having to work with many archives daily, valuable services for daily PC use. For Win 8 Users also is a version called WinZip for Windows 8 is available.

Limitations WinZip

45-day trial

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WinZip download Editor's Rating

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