Copy WhatsApp chat history Export & News

Copy WhatsApp chat history Export & News

Who his Copy WhatsApp chat history wants and transferred to a new smartphone, must observe a lot. We reveal step by step, how to secure all of its messages and chats!

Who is the proud owner of a new smartphone and tries to access after download of WhatsApp for Android or iOS in his old chats must secure these previously via backup. For securing an individual chats you can also save in text format this.

Copy WhatsApp Chat History: The following are the options

Basically, there are two options to copy the WhatsApp chat history. Either one ensures the conversations as a text file that can be sent to the e-mail address, or via backup as a file or in the iCloud or Google Drive.

1. Chat as a text file backup (does not work in the communication between two mobile phones)

WhatsApp offers the possibility of sending individual chats as text file to an e-mail. However, this variant must for every conversation – whether on-one or group chat – be carried out separately. Depending on the smartphone, the procedure may vary a bit here. Either one marks the Chat desired in the overview or to open it directly. Then open the menu and select the option settings or directly send the dithering by e-mail. Now only the e-mail address must be selected, the conversation should be sent.

Copy WhatsApp chat historycopy the WhatsApp chat history on an Android device.

2. secure chats via backup (works between two devices)

First of all, there are again two basic variants: through cloud or on your phone or on your SD Card. The fuse on the device automatically finds and preferably on the SD card every 24 hours instead of making it always a relative date. In case of a change must now in front installing WhatsApp be the SD card to the new device. While installing the Messenger accessing the backup file. Users only need to confirm during this process that they want their old patterns again. However, it works only if the number remains the same. The clip explains the process again:

The same conditions must be fulfilled, you want to copy his WhatsApp chat history via cloud. The option to also be found in the menu under the option chats point chat backup. Here can add the Google or iCloud account where the backup is stored in the terminal. Thanks to the further options can be specified how often a backup should be made about which compound (mobile Internet or Wi-Fi), and whether video files should also be backed up. The restoration of the so copied chats works the same as on the SD card. So the backup must in front downloading WhatsApp be created on the new device.

WhatsApp chat history Copy BackupConversations can also be secured via backup.