Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the official successor of Internet Explorer. Previously, Microsoft had already announced a refurbished browser and integrated as a beta version in the technical previews of Windows 10, codenamed "Spartan".

The final name MS Edge goes back to the browser underlying rendering engine with the same name. Users can search for the Microsoft Edge Download finally, the same number of add-ons and extensions integrate as Chrome or Firefox users and the browser in this way adapt to their wishes and needs.

Microsoft had already indicated it, now everyone can convince yourself: Microsoft Edge is not just another browser to surf the Internet. So alone, the company from Redmond would probably not able to sell convincing enough by other browsers with free download such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or the latest version of Internet Explorer from their own developers home. Instead, the user receives a software program for Microsoft Edge download, with the man - apart from internet surfing - can do many other useful things.

Microsoft Edge Download with website note add function

Edge users can comment directly as Web sites. No other large and well-known browser has been possible up. Users can use the function Add website note left on sites individual notes, highlight text, paragraphs, draw and write. As a practical example may be mentioned about recipes pages. Users can set individual acceptances to the recipes pages and then send them to friends and acquaintances.

Microsoft Edge Download

Read mode for distraction-free view

Use the Reading View function, MS Edge also changed the layout. The Content is provided centrally to the fore in order to ensure a clearer and distraction-free view.

In addition, MS Edge can be personalized with extensions for the browser to the same extent as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, with extensions and add-ons that have been developed for Firefox and Chrome. The extensions are made with some adjustments to Edge compatible.

Customizable tab pages and integration of Cortana

In addition, the user will be after the proposed Microsoft Edge download apps from the Windows Store. The appearance of a tab page can be customized, depending on the behavior of the user. This means: Considering a new tab, then asks the browser Edge, where to go next. The home page for Tabs has a search bar for Bing. Below are among others the user's messages, as appropriate interest here.

Furthermore, the intelligent software Cortana in the new Microsoft browser Edge is integrated. It allows users to select, for example, a word or a phrase, hold, and ask for answers. As a personal assistant Cortana is directly in the address bar is available.


So far, Microsoft Edge is not yet available as a stand-alone version. About the Download leads to the latest Windows 10 preview version, is integrated into the Microsoft Edge. Windows 10 is expected to be published in autumn, 2015.