TFC - Temp File Cleaner 2023

TFC – Temp File Cleaner

TFC – Temp File Cleaner clears all stored in temporary directories files on Windows. The freeware removes files in TEMP folders of the operating system and standard browser. TFC – Temp File Cleaner is presented with a simple interface. The freeware Windows empties the proposed temporary file system directories and the TEMP folder of IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari. With a simple click on the button "begin" TFC takes – Temp File Cleaner to work on and closes all running applications. The freeware indicates if the system must be restarted after the cleanup. Therefore: Before starting the program all open files & save documents for safety’s sake. TFC – Temp File Cleaner helps valuable hard drive space to recover. Especially SSD owners who have to make do with the limited capacity of the media, are happy about every additional free megabytes.