Command & Conquer The Tiberiumkonflikt 2023

Command & Conquer The Tiberiumkonflikt

In color and now absolutely free: The download of Command & Conquer – The Tiberiumkonflikt opened in 1995 and the successful strategy game series. Allied troops in the form of GDI face the Brotherhood of Nod, and compete for the energy of the future: Tiberium.

The story of Command & Conquer The Tiberiumkonflikt Download

C&C; besides Starcraft and Warcraft one of the classic race on the strategy game sector and does not have to hide in addition to the wide selection of strategy games software. The mid-nineties published game was awarded the PC Games Award because of its successful combination of voltage and strategic challenge. The player arrives in Tiberiumkonflikt into another universe, which is very similar to our however. At the center is a very precious mineral called Tiberium, which is at the same time root of all evil. Because two parties are waging a fierce battle for the breakdown of the mineral. On the one hand there is the Global Defense Initiative, better known as GDI, as multinational force occur. This contrasts with the Brotherhood of Nod, one led by Kane sect.

Command & amp; Conquer The Tiberiumkonflikt Download

For one side at C & C. The Tiberiumkonflikt decide

Once the download of Command & Conquer The Tiberiumkonflikt done, the gamer must now opt for a fraction. he fights on the side of Nod, he starts his fight against the GDI in Africa. From Libya via Egypt and West Africa is the goal of the campaign to take over Africa and finally equalize the bases in Africa to the ground. At the end of the Brotherhood nor the access code for the ion gun wants to usurp and statuieren with the destruction of an important western building an example. If the player elects to GDA begins his adventure in Europe, where he sells the Nod Brotherhood from all Baltic countries. Also, Greece and Italy should be back under the rule of GDI to encircle the Brotherhood in Bosnia. There, the decisive battle takes place, which determines the future course of the conflict.

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Strategy game high-thinking claim

No matter which side you choose, the Command & Conquer Tiberian The download requires a players high degree of skill strategic from. On water, on land and in the air is built, organized and fought and mined resources or summarily refinanced by spies in the enemy. Are all single-player missions passed (or even before) can be measured against human opponents and artificial intelligences in the local LAN. C & C sets milestone in the strategy game Already the first part of the C & C series has made history and laid the foundation for other games of this division. Despite the – by today’s standards – simple graphics, the game brings with enough challenges and action for avid players. C & C fans, the question is whether the download is worth unnecessary. Please note: In the download area can be found two CDs, both necessary for installation are. Tip for fans of the series: Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances is free to play and browser!