LEGO Worlds

Millions of childhood memories revolve around small, brightly colored plastic stones, with which one could bring fantasies to life. in the LEGO Worlds Download Users can now create entire worlds and rediscover.

In LEGO Worlds Download all the right stone at hand

Worlds is not the first digital creation of the toy manufacturer. Currently, numerous video games from Lego are based on known films and series, and follow the classic adventure principle. Although there were already 2010 LEGO Universe is a multi-player game with building options, but this was set 2012th

Now, Lego has dared again to a game with a sandbox principle and publishes the LEGO Worlds download in Early Access. The game generated randomly for each player entirely new worlds that you can explore freely.

LEGO Worlds Download

The graphics of the game has it all: the look of the popular plastic bricks was accurately modeled. Shape and color of each item always come from the real world, thus providing a lot of children's nostalgia.

Simulator game without structural restrictions

Through the open-world principle, users can change all the landscapes will. For quick conversions, a multi-tool can be used for new construction and unusual own designs capable of stone-by-stone editor. Although one here does not have to dump the complete LEGO box to find the one particular stone, but unfortunately the editor in the Early Access version is still running a bit bumpy.

build LEGO Worlds Download

create digital characters

Players can not only change the landscape plastic, it can be populated with countless figures, animals and fantasy creatures. The extensive character editor gives free rein to the imagination. Clothing, facial expression and hairstyle can be combined. There is also pre-programmed heroes, vampires and other well-known figures from the tile-matching universe.

LEGO Worlds Download Characters

Start a journey into LEGO Worlds

For collectors and nostalgic, the LEGO Worlds download turns out to be a great treasure trove. In addition to standard stones that could be in every game box, users are provided different real play sets in digital form.Here players will find hard to find Lego sets from their early childhood. In addition, you can do with the new specialized LEGO themes familiar in the digital world.