SEPA Credit Transfer 2023

SEPA Credit Transfer

SCT provides users with a macro-based Excel application to the preparation and printing papery transfer instructions to the side. The Shareware is aimed mainly at those who do not trust the online banking is still on the way and it does not even want to use it. Here, SCT maintains a list of both the Bank’s own data as well as the regularly recurring recipients are stored in the background. Up to seven separate bank account details and 100 addressees can be noted here. Based on these banking data sets SEPA credit transfer in one, real transfer slips along modeled data field, transfer orders. Provided that the database was error-free, it is then also apply to the transfer form, which is submitted in the bank. Conveniently, the Excel template also lists as an archive on who, when and how much money was transferred.

Limitations of the SEPA Credit Transfer

The trial version allows a maximum of 20 prints.

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