Lidl Connect Charging: With these options, it'll work 2023

Lidl Connect Charging: With these options, it’ll work

Start credit already verquasselt? No problem – the credit of Charging Lidl Connect works without much effort. We explain how to do it and when it is available. weiterplappern now!

Lidl Connect, the mobile offering of the discount, enjoys increasing popularity. No wonder – Users can select a tariff that suits them, but not for months tied to him. In addition, the unwinding and manage the tariff is a breeze, as you can all actions online as well as via Lidl Connect app download.

Charging Lidl ConnectLidl Connect charge – we show you how when increasing the credit

Lidl Connect charge – classical with prepaid card

A variant of charging, one or the other might already know of from other mobile services, is the credit card or Aufladebon. The user can top up his credit by such concern is a Aufladebon. These are available at all branches of the discounter. They are found usually on the front of the cash register. The user can also choose between three different values:

  • 5 euros
  • 15 euro
  • 25 euros

Regardless of the value that you want to charge his credit at Lidl Connect – the Bon contains a 12-digit number – which are needed for the further process.

So you have to press the following key combination on his smartphone after purchasing the Aufladebons: * 100 * 12-digit top up # (but no spaces in succession away). Subsequently, the call button is not pressed to send the order.
A few moments later, the user is notified of the successful recharge his Lidl connects. So that the funds are available immediately.

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Lidl Connect online rechargeThe credit can be recharged online via the customer account

Charging via account or app

More comfortable charging via account or app succeeds. In both cases, the user saves namely the way to the store. So you can top up the balance with a few clicks either by logging on to the Lidl-Connect page or via the free smartphone app.

In the app it works as follows:

  • Open Lidl Connect app and navigate to the tab charging
  • There, you can choose between the three values ​​5, 15, and select 25 EUR
  • Are charged to the stored bank details in the app or in the customer account
  • ALTERNATIVE You can also redeem a prepaid card through the app by entering the 12-digit code there.
  • Also in this way the credit is available immediately.

Lidl Connect charging appLidl Connect simply to increase the funds via app

automatic recharging & increase assets abroad

If this is too complicated, which can also easily set up an automatic top-up. This can make also via app and online via the account. So the balance is always charged as soon as one falls below a certain value. Depending on which payment method you have set up the bank account or credit card will be charged.

Conveniently, users can top up their credit online or via App Connect at Lidl also in foreign countries. Provided you have deposited with a bank and has internet.

Accessibility without assets

If none of the routes operate to charge his credit, it still remains accessible. It can not accept both calls and incoming messages are read.

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Note: The withdrawal from an account is only available to users of a minimum age of 18 years. The same goes for the option to charge the credit via credit card.