At the Schnauz download is it is a simple but very entertaining card game for which you need both skill and a little luck.

Schnauz Download Addictive

Therefore, there is little risk of addiction mustache. In some places, the game is called also "31". "crack". "swim" or "pants down", In the US and UK to play the variants "Scat" and "Ride the Bus" with some simplistic rules. Usually it goes with mustache in friendly company by a small application. While "in real life" can join up to 11 players (at a 36s-sheet), play in this PC version of four players, including three computer players.

The game consists of several rounds where all players receive three cards and a pool is made up of three cards in the middle of the table. The task now is in turn increase the value of their hand to all players, by exchanging cards "with the table", Who holds the lowest score in hand at the end of a round must pay one of his first three coins in the pot. Anyone who has lost all the coins and another round will be eliminated. Who is left as the last, wins the pot.

Schnauz download

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