WhatsApp Facebook separate deal & New Conditions 2023

WhatsApp Facebook separate deal & New Conditions

disconnect WhatsApp Facebook and prevent the Messenger passed on information to the social network. However, you should hurry: User will have 30 days to object to the terms and conditions!

Who agrees to the new terms of the latest update or download of WhatsApp for Android or iOS, allows the service personal data to Facebook share. Since 2014, the Messenger is part of the Facebook group of companies, and even then feared privacy advocates the worst. What was prophesied has now entered: With the new Terms allow users the parent company namely to use account information in order “to improve your experience with advertising and products on Facebook”. Who has the already agreed should hurry, because there remain only 30 days for the opposition.

disconnect WhatsApp Facebook: Find it within 30 days

After starting the Messenger to open the settings and select the account. In the lower area of ​​the menu item takes to My Account information with a check mark. Those who want to disconnect WhatsApp by Facebook, now only has to remove the check mark and tap in connection to non-members. This setting is final and can not be reversed, because the option disappears completely from the menu.

disconnect WhatsApp FacebookDisconnect subsequently WhatsApp Facebook.

To what extent anyway data is, however, remains nebulous. Because on the pages of WhatsApp following note reads:

The Facebook Group will obtain this information anyway, and for other purposes, such as improving infrastructure and Zustellsystemen, understanding the nature of the use of our or their services, the security of the systems and the fight against spam, abuse or acts of infringement.

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Users who want to protect their privacy must therefore convince people with friends and grab one of the WhatsApp alternatives in the future.

What if I disagree with the terms and conditions

Those who do not accept the terms and conditions from the outset, can not use the messenger future. There are even while accepting the new terms of being able to separate the WhatsApp option of Facebook, however, as described above with the same restrictions.

What data collected WhatsApp anyway?

Despite end-to-end encryption of messages sent and received, there are a whole range of information collected WhatsApp or Facebook by its users:

  • Account information (phone number, all the phone numbers of the mobile address book, profile name, profile picture, status message)
  • Messages that can not be delivered immediately are usually stored up to 30 days on the servers. However, WhatsApp admits that some are “content to keep on our servers longer.” For details, which media concerns and for how long, however, are missing.
  • Compounds (favorites list, groups and broadcast lists)
  • Customer Support (information regarding the use of the services, including copies of messages and contact details such as email addresses)
  • Use and log information (information about the type and frequency of use, log files and diagnostic, fall-, web page and Performance Logs and reports)
  • Transaction data for paid services (for example, proof of payment of App Stores)
  • Device and connection data (phone model, operating system, browser information, IP address information to the mobile network, device identifiers)
  • Location information of the device when using the site functions
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