Traktor Pro brings a DJ software the upper class to the PC. With four decks for tempo-synced mixing music and four Remix Decks for dismantling and rearranging of songs on-the-fly, intuitive loops, EQ with cut and effects here is functional all state of the art. In addition, a track lures Collection with cover, with one hard drives almost like a record box searches, and support for various external DJ controller.

Tractor download and installation

One thing is clear, the lightweights to tractor can not place in the list of free DJ program downloads certainly. However, this is the heavyweight functionality. On the first start, a setup wizard helps with the first steps, here is chosen as the audio settings associated controller and layout. Who would rather mix, can select up to four decks here, remixer access according to the Remix Decks. However, the setup can be changed any time during playback.

Music mix with many, many features

When the first version of the tractor download came out, it still was delighted with the very good TempoSync, with which one could mix two songs reliable. In addition, we are long today. Lots of cool effects and EQ prima including Killswitch about to Cutten the bass and sweep filters distort the sound DJs as they wish. In addition to the tempo of the song, the pitch to adapt and thus further optimizes the mix. If all this is done with a mouse and keyboard with selectable shortcuts, or with an external MIDI controller, or with a DJ controller including timecode DJ software Traktor Pro download does not matter, complete with integrated all methods.

Traktor DJ software Download

Where one is located in the song and what is next, is shown in the waveform display. This makes it easier to navigate the song to jump, for example, the track quickly to the desired location. However, the use of beats is about also automatically created as HOTCUE. About the waveform display virtual DJs can also scratch the way - but that goes with an external controller much more comfortable.

Virtual disk box with iTunes links

Just vinyl lovers will miss the turning of record box for digital DJing. An external disk controller box there is not yet, but you scroll through cover art by MP3 & Co. almost like vinyl cases. In addition, the media library in Traktor can be sorted outstanding and control and is also understood to external databases, such as from iTunes.

Traktor DJ software download record box

Recording, broadcasting and personalization

Your own set takes Tractor by mix recorder, and this also supports the recording of external signals. Record splits the DJ Software Download wish to do so in individual parts, to burn them to CD. Via Broadcasting while you mix streams live and direct via tractor Cast, IceCast, Shoutcast and so on. On top of that attract a lot of practical and useful adjustments to personalize the DJ software. These would include the insertion of custom layouts, preventing the recharging of reproducing decks and many other details. Keyboard shortcuts can be assigned dynamically change the display settings and, for example, add new controller. All this is in operation, the program window is always operated even with open options. So it must be.

DJ Software Download also to create your own remixes

one has been eliminated from NI on the integration of video mix. For this remix decks for rearranging songs are available here who really something. The individual passages and orchestrations of music are presented visually and can cobble together new songs at will. Per Loop Recorder can also add your own snippets into songs and a mess all together in new live creations. Free download do this: full version: Traktor Remix Sets

DJ program with all the trimmings Download the tractor there really to complain about one thing: The simultaneous execution of other audio applications will be significantly affected. But who needs them when the tractor is running? While the DJ software costs a Stängchen money and also the external controller. But for the software with deliberate additional features scores and in terms of laying just amazing. And you have to go to the bathroom, can the customizable Automix even times take up.

Limitations of Traktor Pro

The demo version runs 30 minutes per session and can also be tested with Turntable / CD control.