WinDVD Pro

Of the WinDVD Pro Download plays the currently popular video formats both at home and on the move. The Shareware opens movies from the hard disk or optical storage media such as DVD and Blu Ray discs - even in 3D!

WinDVD Pro Download: professional video player for HD & 3D

Thanks to the support of the latest DivX technologies the player also has features such as direct control of individual chapters and subtitles, selecting from multiple audio tracks. For optimal video experience WinDVD Pro provides playing the sound in Dolby Digital format - provided you have appropriate hardware and data in the film. also belong to the range the techniques Dolby Headphone, Dolby Virtual Speaker, DTS Digital Surround Sound and SRS TruSurroundXT. In addition, the multimedia talent with the help of a UPnP interface also addresses mobile players like iPod, video-enabled cell phones or PDAs.

Conveniently, WinDVD Pro detects any connected TV and forwards the playback of videos on these devices to. Since the player to navigate and decoding the recorded MPEG-2 transport stream is able, all HDTV programs can be viewed and navigated in them. As particularly clever feature the program also has its own repair service for damaged clips on board. By means of various filters and tools tried the tool to bring battered films back into the best possible shape.

WinDVD Pro Download

The shareware WinDVD Pro scores with modern surface and modern features for HD movies and three-dimensional Blu Ray video. Who is looking a little more than just any old movies player here can safely access, especially now also a search function for online video has been installed.

Limitations of WinDVD Pro

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