Of the Send2Phone download is a useful aid to exchange files and data between Windows PCs and Android devices fast and easy.

The Send2Phone Download sends files from computer to phone

This problem certainly know many users: It is rather complicated and time-consuming, photos, music files, videos, texts and other documents between the Windows computer and your own Android devices back and forth to copy. As a tool in this task, the Send2Phone download offers, which is also convincing in terms of safety and encrypts the files with the clever AES 256-bit algorithm during the transfer. The user simply sends himself in the process links, images, text or passwords from PC to Android phone or vice versa.

Send2Phone downloadReplace with the Send2Phone download files and text between Windows and Android. (Picture: Abelssoft)

Send multiple files to multi file upload

The handling of Send2Phone turns out to be fairly straightforward. Simply drag & Drop, right-click on the shortcut menu or file selection will be sent the selected files. Send2Phone supports almost all popular formats, regardless of whether they are links, text, PDF, MP3 or video formats such as WMV, AVI, MOV and MPEG. Any number of devices connected to one another and also any number of files are transferred between the PC and Android phone - even multiple files simultaneously.

Send2Phone Download DeviceAny number of devices can be connected. (Picture: Abelssoft)

However, there is a limit to the file size: In the paid Plus version files are sent up to 100 megabytes, whereas in the free version, the size is limited to two megabytes. Compared to the Plus version for 10 euros the free free version has the following three restrictions according to the manufacturer:

  • Only 2 MB per file transfer
  • no encryption
  • No support

Download Send2Phone exchangeFaster file sharing with uncomplicated handling. (Picture: Abelssoft)

The system of Send2Phone:

  • Desktop PC with either Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 or Windows 7
  • Android 4.2+