Pou 2023


Slightly older users will perhaps remember a plastic pet from the 1990s called Tamagotchi. Something similar also provides the free Pou App represents, albeit at a slightly oblique way.

The Pou app bring hungry pile on smartphone

Instead of an egg-shaped plastic pet you take namely after downloading the Android app – the name suggests – a pile of excrement in nursing. Earlier this appears in cute baby schema on the mobile screen, huge saucer eyes included. To prevent this remains the case, Pou wants be regularly fed and supplied with drinks. Here, the virtual pet makes dirty, and even a manifestly droppings once bowel movements, which will be disposed of.

contain numerous mini-games at Pou

In addition, the small Android-guest is quite fast boring, whereas in the numerous mini-games action can be taken. Here, the range of bubble shooter clone extends over a kind of reverse Doodle Jump up to the Hill Drive offshoot. A pleasant side effect: Not only that, this way, the small pile is maintained, his nurse collects in this way Play money and points, with whom he reached higher levels.

Pou App

Both is necessary because, for example, there is the food for Pou not in vain. Also, can the change appearance of the essence, what extent the previous achievement of higher level is necessary. So the little pet can colorize among other things, a nicer color dress, and thus achieves less kotiges appearance. Or painted decoration him with hairstyles, hats, clothing and so on, giving the curious friend along the way an individual painting.

  duel Quiz

Free Android app game brings plenty of variety

higher level can, however, not only through diligent playing minigames reach, but also by skillful completion of everyday tasks at Pou Android. Points and money bonuses can also be obtained, for example, when the pet food and drinks in a certain amount has been administered. obtained credits for a certain number of washes.

Pou app Eating

you overdo it with the feeding but the free Pou app like a normal human being responds – and becomes rich. Against this helps a potion that can melt away excess pounds. A drink that should be invented urgently in real life. Speaking of drinking: the health of the cute creature is a somewhat fragile matter, because in time he gets sick easily and for no apparent reason. Solution: A sip of medicine, and everything is back in butter …