Netflix code UI 800-3: What to do about the error 2023

Netflix code UI 800-3: What to do about the error

You do not streaming Netflix over the Internet, but via a (third) device such as a console, a smart TV or a Blu-ray player? Then you may be the Netflix code UI 800-3 already passed through the path and you wonder what you can do now? Stream is namely not possible. But there are solutions.

Netflix code UI 800-3The Netflix code UI 800-3 annoys you? Do not despair, you need only update your system. (Picture: Netflix / Editorial)

eradicate Netflix code UI 800-3

Error codes popping Netflix every now and again. Often it is because of an unstable Internet connection or outdated software. The situation is similar to the Netflix code UI 800-3. In general, these cryptic at first glance message wants you namely announce that “need to be updated on the device information stored”. Say: Some part of the software on the device no longer plays with. This can happen, for example, if your account information has changed.

In principle, this code will only appear if your obtains the streaming service through another device other than the PC or the app. If the error so on console & Co. appear You can still on the Netflix app avoid – or correct the error.

Troubleshooting on the corresponding device

The Netflix code UI 800-3 can occur when you have been using one of the following devices to stream:

  • a Blu-ray player,
  • Amazon Fire TV or the corresponding stick,
  • a set-top box or a streaming player,
  • a smart TV,
  • a console (PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii U or
  • Roku.
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but the Troubleshooting basically is similar everywhere from:

  1. First tries, you log out of the device via the small gear in the app for Netflix and then report back with your access data.
  2. No success? the device restarts.
  3. Does not help also that you uninstall the app just once and install it again. To your looks best to according to how you installed on your particular device apps. Best you start the device after once again.
  4. Checks whether other apps function properly. Maybe it is because of the Internet and the DNS settings.
  5. Does your PlayStation 3, you can also update the Netflix data: Navigate to from the home screen to TV / video services Netflix and selects from X. then presses directly simultaneously begin and Select and keep both pressed. It should get a message: “Do you want to reset your Netflix settings and log in again?”. confirmed Yes and logs you a new.

Netflix code UI 800-3 DevicesThe error appears only if your using a device such as a smart TV or game console to stream. (Picture: Netflix / Editorial)

Sometimes it helps to wait

Have you no success and also your Internet as well as other apps work according to plan, it may also be that Netflix itself has problems, and the servers are overloaded. Just wait and see if you have more success on the PC or via Netflix app. Normally, however, should help any of the above solutions and Netflix code UI 800-3 no longer appears only once on.

When in doubt, you can also still contact the Netflix support and, for example, request a code to reset your data or go through all the options together with the support staff.

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As your Netflix deletes on the Amazon Fire TV and reinstalled, you also reveals this video:

Note: Does your a Smart TV from Samsung, it may be that you have to reset the Smart Hub: This must your first stop. In the menu you can then reset on the same command in the corresponding area of ​​the Smart Hub. Enter or the PIN (default: 0000) and confirm. But beware! Here, all apps are removed! You have these then then re-download again!