fix - "do not turn off target Downloading": Android 2023

fix – “do not turn off target Downloading”: Android

Every now and then it needs to be and the Samsung Galaxy mobile phone must warden restarted – or the device crashed or should be subjected to a hard reset. And some had the following problem: After switching only the message “Downloading – do not turn off target“. Otherwise nothing works. What to do if the download of the Samsung Galaxy S7 manual does not help:

get rid message again – “do not turn off target Downloading”

The error occurs mainly in newer versions of Samsung Galaxy. the message after restarting the display, the Android operating system will not start easily. Instead, the screen with the message stays on until the battery is empty.

Downloading - do not turn off target

If “Downloading – do not turn off target” on the screen, it is not per se but an error. The unit shows only the download mode that the user may have accidentally activated at boot and which is intended to transfer firmware manually from the PC to the smartphone. the mode is started, in most cases using the shortcut power and quieter. but it may also be that a hardware defect, such as when dirt gets into the USB port. Then it is possible that the message again and again.

but if no external damage is visible, and you have seen the message only once on the screen, you should first respond careful because it may be that the operating system is damaged by thoughtless action.

Download mode quit again

If you accidentally slipped into the download mode, you can – contrary to the instructions on the smartphone screen – action and give new but start the unit as follows – but best to conserve the below mentioned order the Samsung as possible:

  Samsung hotline: Customer service with all phone numbers
  1. First, press the power button for about ten seconds, and then turn off the power. Reboot the phone afterwards. In most cases, it now travels as usual back up.
  2. If the device during operation of the power switch should not go out, it has to be tried in a different way with a reboot: When you power, Volume up / down and the Home button to press.
  3. Does not work also, you have it but try the hard way and remove the battery. Then the device should start normally.

From the outside dirt visible, you should remove it first and then try the steps gradually. In a hardware defect that you yourself can not fix, but the device must willy-nilly be returned or repaired.