Uninstall Cortana

Users who have no need of language assistance software Cortana must cheat a little to get rid of them. the free Uninstall Cortana Download helps. The program saves the user deep intervention into the system, thus allowing lay people to banish the Wizard from the computer.

Uninstall Cortana Download software brings silenced

As with previous Windows versions, including Windows 10 is filled to the brim with pre-installed applications and apps. Among the most significant and the language assistant Cortana is next to the new in-house browser Microsoft Edge. Like Siri or Google Now to access the user with a variety of tasks under the arms Cortana. You should be able to respond not only to questions and thus facilitate the search, it also takes on tasks. So appointments and reminders can be created or making calls on your phone or messages are dictated. Nevertheless, the software is not desired by any user and removal is often complicated in-house programs. Therefore, the developed Legolash2o tool will help.

Uninstall Cortana DownloadCommand line window from the Uninstall Cortana Download

Why uninstall Cortana?

Now one might wonder if the Uninstall Wizard is so difficult, why not then there simply with disabling the application satisfied? There are several reasons that play a role in users. The main motivation is probably with the Data protection: So Microsoft was already several times in the criticism when it comes to the new Windows 10th In particular, Cortana constantly sends well data to the company. Who here concerns for sufficient no disabling the application. Only with the Uninstall Cortana download you have assurance that no information is pushed back and forth.

Others disturb that Cortana performs background processes in a disabled state and thus continues to be a lot of memory. The so-called process SearchUI.exe is only stopped by the uninstall.

Still others just want to have all the applications you are not using them out of sight. Therefore, the download of the Uninstall Cortana worthwhile for these users.

Use Uninstall Cortana on Windows 10

So that the tool can perform its job, it is after the download first unpacked. Therefore you can use any program such as use 7-Zip or WinZip. The unpacked file can be saved to any location. For quickly finding the desktop offers. Then you have to open the file as Admin and the process will start automatically: yet to confirm the end, or restarting the computer - that's it.

NOTE: It should be remembered that following the Start menu no longer works. Alternatively, one can use Classic Shell. one also for security should previously make a backup of the system.