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With the Picasa download brings Internet specialist Google a powerful image management software on Windows PCs. The freeware comes up with a local image search on, provides basic image editing tools and create web albums for easy sharing of photos on the net and on Google+.

Picasa download: Maintain Optimal Photos and additionally edit

Even at first glance, the user interface of the photo management tools has an extremely successful. Here should appeal equally the intuitive German language interface computer novices and professionals. Immediately after the Picasa download and then install the Image Manager scans the computer for images and automatically sorts them according to criteria such as date or folder.

Picasa download

The image management software shifts as needed within the surface images from one folder to another, to restore order on the hard disk. the user confirms this reorganization the changes on the hard drive to take effect. That so you can without bringing everything immediately the current arrangement with each other within the software diligently towards and forth until you have found the perfect system. The program also helps to quickly rename individual photos or groups of images. The favorite photos can thereby be marked with a star, so the favorites are found recognizable and faster at first glance.

Useful image editing features for beginners

Even the editing images is possible with the Picasa download. So the program has integrated basis optimizations using those tailored images, removing red-eye, and contrast and color can be adjusted. The freeware has thereby placed great emphasis on ease of use. Image processing are therefore possible on the respective slider and buttons simply few clicks. Twelve effects are available, with which the image appears, for example, warmer or gets intensely luminous colors.

  DXF Editor

Picasa download photo editing

versatile backup, using photos and share with friends

Who wants to archive its snapshots with the photo manager, is likely to be pleased with the built-in export functions. The tool exports individual photos or entire series of images either in original size or in a self-selected pixel size. Alternatively, photos can be exported as a slide show and pictures or photo collections are provided with a self-defined watermarks. The software, a group of photos allowed to convert it into a presentation and burn a slide show on CD. Who wants to generally secure backup all his images and photos on CDs and DVDs, is also well advised with the Picasa download. unsaved photos are displayed here, so that really forget a picture.

Picasa download Export

For the backup of photos, the image management tool provides the synchronization between local images and Albums in the cloud. In addition, the data stored in Google Cloud Snapshots are automatically available for sharing in Google+ available. In addition, photos will be made available to others via email link or online as needed. To send photos via email, the Photo Manager automatically adjusts the size of the images at will and adds it as an annex. But that’s not enough. With a few mouse clicks the freeware not only creates photo collages, the expression on paper is flexible possible: For example, images can be automatically adjusted for each paper quality. In addition, different formats are available, where multiple images can be printed on a page. Alternatively, the images can be uploaded directly to an online photo shop to order prints via Web.

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By the way: With Picasa HD, the popular Google service is now available as Windows app.

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