Anno 1404

Anno 1404

Of the Anno 1404 Download combines both the basic version of the classic game from Germany and the Venice extension under one roof. In several missions, and thanks to a multiplayer mode to make repeated it is here, both commercial as well as strategic and prove diplomacy.

Anno 1404 download including Anno 1503 Königsedition

As always in the Anno series the player is open to an extensive island world to colonize in the Anno 1404 King Edition. Gradually you build cities on and off trades and explore foreign continents. In the fourth part of the series and the Occident for settlements of the player is open, and according to the exotic world there are completely different buildings that await their construction. A special plus: The Anno 1404 Königsedition the Anno 1503 King Edition included. A must for fans of the legendary games, because more Anno is hardly! Incidentally, we also offer various Anno 1404 patches for download. This clean up some error has crept in the creators of the cult game.

Anno 1404 Download

Limitations of Anno 1404

The playing time is limited in the demo version.