GAEB Viewer 2023

GAEB Viewer

Of the GAEB viewer download complies fully what its name promises program. The free file viewer brings the exchange format of the Joint Committee in building electronics for viewing even without expensive special software.

GAEB viewer download also suitable for displaying ÖNorm files

The same task is performed by the GAEB viewer download in addition also for its Austrian counterpart according ÖNorm. Comparable viewer and other software for construction and crafts can be found in a wide choice in our software catalog.

Supports popular versions of GAEB and ÖNorm data

listed in detail the viewer for the following variants of the GAEB or ÖNorm data is:

  • GAEB-90 (D81-D86)
  • GAEB 2000 (P81-P86, P89, P93, P94)
  • GAEB XML (X81-X86)
  • ÖNorm B2063 (dta, dtn)

These tenders and bills for the construction industry reads the freeware makes sense not just one to one one, but brings the data in a formatted way to view. From the raw data of the GAEB viewer prepares a table in which the information contained in the source file are clearly structured. These include, for example, the position number and terms of reference of the work. In addition, here the unit and the amount of material and the resulting unit prices and total display. How this is graphically illustrated the following screenshot.

GAEB viewer download

The manufacturer of the GAEB viewer download Further suggests that it may take some time to really come to show to open GAEB files. This is primarily due to the often large complexity of the files in which can be stored depending on the scope of the construction project certainly hundreds of positions, certainly, but also the performance of the home computer plays a very significant role here. is not about crash that the file viewer to inform a progress bar at the bottom left of the program window.

  un contrôle facile

File viewer checks GAEB data on errors

In addition, the GAEB viewer subjects the source files in the revision of the advert error checking. According to the vendor of the software while both format error as well as those of the file structure will be put under the microscope. Furthermore, check the free viewer that the supplied data correspond to the specifications of the GAEB file format.

Indicates error GAEB files and creates error report

Drop one or more of these tests with a negative result from the GAEB viewer does not break about his work from, but creates a detailed error report. This addition to the number of detected faults also contains various warnings and instructions. It also shows if possible erroneous data still on. What it looks like then allowed himself to be not check for lack of appropriate GAEB file.