Diablo 3

Diablo 3

With the Diablo 3 Download the most famous action RPG goes by Blizzard in the next round. The heroes return to the starting point Tristram and plunge into new dark adventure. Thanks to its unique animation and countless battles a game at its best.

Long-awaited Diablo 3 download breaks all records

Then Diablo fans have had to wait a long time. The third chapter of the dark fantasy games Blizzard makes his announcement of 2008 finally four years later true. Accordingly big is the expectations of his community when the game sees the light of day in May 2012 found. on the first day alone, it broke all previous record sales – over 3.5 million times the PC version went over the counter. But the wait was worth it, the Diablo 3 download or Diablo III as the official spelling is delivers what it promises. Thus, the action RPG is now one of the most played, despite the huge offer of exciting free role playing games.

Diablo 3 download

immerse yourself in a dark fantasy world with Diablo 3

The third part of action RPGs is 20 years after the evil was defeated in Sanctuary, again. Rumors have circulated that new disaster is approaching. So shall the Harbinger of a fallen star from the sky be who allegedly brought the dead back to life. For this reason, the heroes go to the place where it all began: Tristram. Before the heroes can provide, they are in the midst of a new adventure. Countless dark creatures and opponents have defeated and the way new quests to be solved again and again. Great battles or tricky quests can be started even with friends.

Diablo 3 download characters

Choosing the right character for the zombie hunting

For the full gaming experience is first to register with battle.net and the free download of Diablo 3 client requirement. Subsequently, the player chooses his character with which he wants to make the adventures in Sanctuary. The following classes available: Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Wizard and Witch Doctor and the Crusaders. With the choice of the players class you put virtually the equipment and basic talent, such as whether you have remote or melee skills, solid. In contrast to the first parts of the player can now choose between male and female figures. In addition, Blizzard has turned in terms of skills system at some screws. So get the start is still relatively weak hero with any rise automatically new talent. The more zombies and monsters to be done, the more clout therefore gets its own game character.

Diablo 3 Download Animation

Exciting role-playing game with a creepy mood

How typical of the Game, is also apparent in the third part usual dark style – and now even in 3D. The world of Diablo 3 has among others catacombs, cemeteries, fields, desolate sands and the already known from its predecessors mystical dungeons. especially a lot of attention to detail has been put back into the design of this labyrinth-like branched caves and cathedrals. As different as the many venues are, through which the player touches in his adventures, they have one thing in common: they are all grim. Sinister Diablo successor joins the leaderboard The Diablo 3 Downlaod must be behind its predecessors not hide. The innovations regarding the character development and no longer countable monster attacks and quests make the game a real gamer fun addictive. Blizzard fans come to this game probably over barely.

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