PAYBACK card is lost: So you quickly get replacement

PAYBACK card is lost: So you quickly get replacement

Quickly it happened when shopping, you have somewhere his PAYBACK card is lost. What happens to the collected points? Where and when you get a replacement? Answers to all these questions it here!

Customers of the PAYBACK bonus program have two things usually: A PAYBACK card and a free PAYBACK app download on their smartphone. Where it must be said fairly that the app is not absolutely necessary. However, it facilitates Points immensely. So you always have the eCoupons there and can sometimes shop spontaneously. In addition, you can always check how many points you have collected and where there is the next Partner branch in the area.

PAYBACK card is lostPAYBACK card is lost – keep the points!

PAYBACK card is lost – what happens to the points?

First of all, clear for all bumbling users out there! Anyone who has lost his card does not need to panic or worry about your score. For one thing, no one can – unless you yourself – do something with the PAYBACK card. Secondly, in case of loss of the card is not a single bonus point which you have worked hard, really gone. In addition, no additional costs or similar are to be feared because the PAYBACK customer gets made at any time a new card free of charge.

apply new PAYBACK card

If you lost your PAYBACK card, it is fortunately not a problem to get a new one. The reordering is done online via the website of PAYBACK. And so you go about it:

  Alle feiten PAYBACK Inloggen & Sign-kaart

Order PAYBACK card is lostOnline can be ordered over easy a new card

  • First, you open the website of PAYBACK and goes over the top menu bar to the login area.

  • There one logs on. For this customer number, PIN or date of birth and zip code are required. Most have not, as you could read from the card your customer number in your head this forever. Turning now to the point, there are several options:

    • You have a partner card and reads the number from there
    • Old billing or points overviews
    • information material
    • Contact Service Center: 089-540 20 80 20
  • After logging in, the user navigates order over the points account to the area replacement card that appears on the left blue underlined menu.

  • Now the user all the cards that have been deposited in his account will be displayed and you select the appropriate out. Check again now address data and confirm the operation. A tip: you can, if not already, order a partner card it – then you have spare the next loss in the house.

  • Now it is said to be patient, because the card will not arrive until 2 to 3 weeks with the user.

earn points even without a map

Even if you lost your PAYBACK card, you do not have to miss out on Points. If you’re lucky and a partner card has, can alternate with shopping until the replacement card arrives. The other variant is the online shopping. Here is just to note that you shoppt on the PAYBACK side and is logged, then the bonus points are also credited one.

  PAYBACK card is lost: So you quickly get replacement

PAYBACK card is lost: contact the service center via the PAYBACK App

Contact with the service center at the loss of PAYBACK card can also be made via the PAYBACK App. This is available for Android and iOS devices and ensures that PAYBACK customers collect points comfortable and have quick access to their account. In addition, the user learns about the store locator where the next partner shops are and will be informed of special offers.