FIFA 14 for Android 2023

FIFA 14 for Android

Football is probably one of the Germans’ favorite pastimes – even if only as a spectator in the stands in the stadium or watching TV. Since a time football fans can also on the smartphone or tablet of their favorite pastime to pursue, as the legendary EA Sports soccer simulation is also available as Android app. ** FIFA 14 Android ** scores especially with a sophisticated touch-screen operation and sophisticated graphics.

FIFA 14 Android offers over 600 licensed teams

Overall, there is a choice of 33 leagues, 600 licensed teams and more than 16,000 players. It’s all there: from the English Premier League and La Liga, through to the Bundesliga and many others. No less than 34 stages were imitated. With the purchased or bartered players to their own teams can be put together. Even on the play style, formation and selection of jerseys, the user has influence.

Fifa 14 Android

Almost like in real life, you can participate in tournaments, sell players and make money and then spend the earned with player transfers and other team improvements or reinvest.

FIFA simulation with intuitive touchscreen operation

FIFA 14 Android provides a new, intuitive touch screen operation over older versions. To move, for example, a player on the field, you can keep it on the screen, and slide. A pass is achieved via a tap. To shoot, you can sweep across the screen.

Fifa 14 Android Team

FIFA 14 is playable app in many different languages, including German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Dutch, Russian and Portuguese. The legendary game Comments are integrated into the app and hear in different languages. The remarkable thing has always been: The game consists of prefabricated comment speech samples of famous personalities that play depending on the situation.

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Fifa 14 Android touch-screen operation

FIFA app in the basic version for free

By demanding graphics, the game takes a lot of memory. Therefore should be free on the smartphone or tablet at least 1.35 GB of memory. In addition, the app allows purchases within the app. If you do not want, can disable in-app purchases via the device settings. The download and the basic version are free. If you want more, for example, can buy the manager mode, tournament mode or offense in the game. Football App addictive Serious football fans Eight exist because the FIFA 14 App white with vibrant graphics, convincing real-life scenarios and user-friendly operation, including addictive. However, the options in the free version are relatively limited. Only in the paid premium version players can, for example, the tournament aktivieren.√úbrigens: Here’s more free football games for download.