WhatsApp Mute: to silence Plappermäuler

WhatsApp Mute: to silence Plappermäuler

Who WhatsApp turn mute would like to find in this guide for instructions on how annoying chat partner or group chats can be quickly and easily set to silent. We’ll tell below how it works!

turn and WhatsApp silent no longer be disturbed

WhatsApp groups after WhatsApp for Android Download the most entertaining and communicative, but especially at high membership figures it can sometimes get out of hand but when the user every few seconds is disturbed by a notification sound. Who does not want to remove such an active group, but the messages would continue to receive and read it later, has the Mute option of WhatsApp the opportunity to ask the Messenger targeted for specific contacts or groups silently.

WhatsApp turn muteWhatsApp mute on and off notifications. (Picture: WhatsApp / Editorial)

Period for WhatsApp mute freely selectable

The group notifications will be completely switched off or disabled for a certain period. still then you get the messages that are sent to the group, but the phone will not vibrate or play a sound when a new message arrives. Who wants to turn a WhatsApp group mute, opens to the group chat, typed in the menu group info and puts the switch to mute. Now he chooses the period for which the group is to be switched silently: 8 hours, 1 week or 1 year.

The user can also specify whether they want to receive notifications or not. The notifications for each contact and group can be individualized on request at this point. Ringtone, type of vibration and light can be varied and activate or deactivate the pop-up messages for specific contacts.

WhatsApp mute groupGroup silently switch for 8 hours, 1 week or 1 year. (Picture: WhatsApp / Editorial)

switch individual contacts silent

a real boon can sometimes be off the WhatsApp silent not only with very active groups but also for individual contacts. Almost every user knows the problem that in their contact list one or another blabbermouth commented almost any event. Who is often in meetings or have to concentrate at work, but unfortunately a bit disturbed by the permanent WhatsApp messages. Therefore, it makes sense to just make those contacts that you get too many, not too important messages on mute.

Time Options window 8 hours, 1 week and 1 year

The procedure is for individual contacts similar to WhatsApp groups mute. The user selects in the chat list a contact, holding your finger down and you will see a menu where you press Show contact. Under Notifications, the selection point is to find mute. Again, there is a slider that the user moves to the right. It opens again the choice of the time window with the options eight hours a week and one year. Here you can also choose whether notifications are displayed. Click on OK to confirm the changes and the user is henceforth no longer disturbed by notifications of the muted groups and contacts.