Bautagebuch BauTEU

Of the Bautagebuch BauTEU Download supports architects, engineers and construction companies in the planning and execution of construction projects. Daily progress reports are crucial for the analysis of work processes.

Bautagebuch BauTEU Download as logbook for construction projects

The question of who has caused an extension of time and the associated costs, the manager maintains sound in a kind of logbook. With construction diary BauTEU users keep the individual planning and execution phases of construction projects determined clearly. The administrator documented site inspections, including all important data, events and associated site photos. In addition to the staff involved in construction projects, the manager recorded among other acceptance reports, weather conditions, special events, for defects and fixed date lists.

With the built-in Address Manager users also have constant access to important contact details of all parties involved. All data sheets included Baukalender can be printed for documentation purposes. As a logbook for construction projects construction diary BauTEU does a good job. Who frequently leads projects in construction and has to fulfill orders, should learn the benefits of the manager to appreciate rapidly.

Bautagebuch BauTEU Download

Limitations of construction diary BauTEU

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