Knuddels Login does not work? Here's a box! 2023

Knuddels Login does not work? Here’s a box!

Who am Knuddels Login fails, the problem can usually resolve quickly. We reveal step by step how you have to do this. Here all solutions for future and start chatting!

Whether one uses the chat in the browser or by downloading the Knuddels app on the smartphone or tablet: From time to time there are problems with the application. We have all the solutions to use the online portal again without restriction.

Knuddels is now one of the most popular chats in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Registration and use is free, and the public includes almost all age groups. However, it is mainly young people who use the portal to exchange ideas, to flirt or find new friends. With nearly two million registered users to eBay, is the largest German chat community.

Knuddels login: Enable Java

The Knuddels login fails mostly to the settings for Java. Either users have Java disabled or use the Chrome browser, which completely eliminated due to the Java programming language associated with the security risks. Problem can be dealt either the reactivation of Java in the browser settings or switching to Firefox, Internet Explorer or any other Chrome alternative.

Knuddels LoginIf the Knuddels login does not work, it is usually due to Java.

So simply enable Java

Java can be embedded (other than Chrome) easily into most browsers. Simply follow this link and download the latest version for free and follow the steps of the Installation Manager. Following the browser can re-started and the site of eBay, are called. The application should now be no problem.

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Instead Chrome use the Windows App

Windows users can alternatively download the app for Windows and also get to know new people and chatting. This link will take to download the software. To start the installation, just click on the KnuddelsStAooSetup.exe file. Now only the instructions must be followed and the connection can be chatting directly via app.

Knuddels Login Windows appThose who want to switch browsers nciht can try out the Windows app Knuddels.

Forgot Password? Simply request a new one!

Sometimes lack the time or inclination to verdaddeln his time on the chat site. If you were not online longer, one can in times of various social media channels and online accounts ever forgotten his password. No problem: Here is simply a new password can be requested. For this, the specification of the nicknames is simply necessary. In Anshcluss users receive a link to the stored e-mail address through which the old password reset and a new can be set.

Knuddels login new passwordForgot Password? We could define a new one.

If all else fails: The Mini Chat

If you fail at login despite all the proposed solutions, the service offers the mini chat option. This variant is a stripped down version of eBay, with which you can gamble chat and games, but not all commands are supported. The page for Mini chat appears, for example, when the page of eBay, in Chrome is called. With the registered username and password stored you can log in to the Slimversion the chat program.

The following video erkäutert again the key features of Knuddels:

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