Prison Architect 2023

Prison Architect

Finally – the early access phase of the prison-building game is through! Fans can now familiarize themselves with the Prison Architect Download rush to the full version of the PC game. Gamers take on the role of a prison director who builds his own detention center, where it ensures the needs of prisoners and maintains security. Of course, the detainees are not innocent little sheep …

Prison Architect Download: full version of the prison-building game

The fan base of the prison simulation that was in the early access phase to date is gigantic, already. Introversion Software already counts 1.25 million downloads three years since the publication in September. Now the number is expected to once again significantly skyrocket because the official full version is finally here. As the developers already announcing in Birmingham on the Games Event EGX 2015, the game comes with exciting new products to the PC. The full version contains not only four new chapters with new characters like Mafia bosses and senators but also a revised story mode. There, the character Edward is introduced, which is waiting for a jealousy murder on death row for his execution.

Prison Architect Download

New full version feature: the escape mode

In addition, the user expects the full PC version of the new Escape mode. What to do here is not hard to guess: The player should look for an accomplice, with whom he plans his escape and exercises. Thanks to the workshop on Steam, where the fan base is extremely active, are available to the gamer several thousand different prisons available, in which he can try out his escape strategies. Especially many points he can get a download in Prison Architect when power goes off guards or mobilized a group behind. Maybe even a rebellion is possible in which one takes the prison under his control?

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Prison Architect Download Gameplay

Prison Architect looking capable jailer

If you missed the alpha phase and re einsteigt – here’s a brief outline of what is involved in Prison Architect: It is a prison simulation where the user becomes the prison guards. He starts relatively small, expanding its own detention center on – everything is under his control. He cares for the welfare of the occupants, must take all necessary precautions for the safety of prisoners and guards and manage the entire process. The right level of control and security systems and satisfaction of the prisoner is required here. Only when a balance of respect and courtesy by, for example TV, Hofgängen, Library reigns, theft, violence, drug use and outbreaks can be avoided.

As a manager of a prison has its hands full. So you have to act against gangs and illegal trade within the prison walls. There is also a research center, are examined in which, among other stun guns or forced labor.