The hard disk defragment Windows 10

Occasionally should the hard drive defragment. Windows 10 makes as a rule every week. However, anyone who wants to optimize his drive manually, learn here how to do it!

After Windows 10 Download and especially in the case of an upgrade, it may be useful to optimize fragmented disk. The so-called defragmenting the files on the hard drive or the drive are rearranged. The result: the system can more effectively access files and is faster. The principle can be used not only for the PC, but for example for external disk.

Defragment: Windows 10 ways to optimize

In Windows 10, there are two variants to perform a defragmentation. We provide both possibilities step by step and explain what setting options offers even the drive optimization:

Option 1: defragmentation using File Explorer

In our first variant, first the file explorer must be opened. It can be found hiding behind the folder icon in the taskbar.

defragment Windows 10The hard disk defragment Windows 10 with the File Explorer. (Screenshot: Microsoft Corporation / Editorial)

In the next step, select This PC must (in older versions of the so-called workplace was) to be called. Here both folders and devices and drives are listed. In the top menu bar there is the instruction Manage. If you select this, a pop-up window offering among other possibilities also optimize the option appears.

defragment Windows 10 This PCThe select This PC option leads to the goal. (Screenshot: Microsoft Corporation / Editorial)

By clicking on a new tab is opened as can be selected, which drive you want to defragment. Besides there is also the possibility to check the appropriate drive only. By clicking on optimizing defragmentation for the selected drive is started.

defragment Windows 10 menu The menu, which leads to defragment. (Screenshot: Microsoft Corporation / Editorial)

Option 2: defragmentation via command line

The second variant is just as quick as the first. For this, the Windows key and the letter r must be pressed simultaneously. This key combination to open the command line. Now to defragment in Windows 10, the command is: dfrgui entered and confirmed with OK. This opens the same menu as in the first variant and the defragmentation may be performed to above description analog.

defragment Windows 10 command lineDefragment on the command line. (Screenshot: Microsoft Corporation / Editorial)

planned improvements

Normally, a manual defrag under Windows 10 is not necessary. The operating system automatically optimizes the PC in the weekly mode. Those who wish can shorten this cycle; extend or off Planned improvements completely. Alternatively, a daily weekly or monthly cycle can be selected. The wish to defragment drives can be set here. If you open the grooming schedule can also under the menu item drives optimize be determined whether new drives to be automatically optimized. Who does not want to accept the default, simply can uncheck the appropriate option and then click OK here.