Of the WashAndGo download removes unnecessary clutter from the hard disks and gives way still on the surfing tracks and the Windows Registry. Thus, the system is purified, disk space automatically released and the speed increases a little.

WashAndGo Download as Putzfee for system

WashAndGo know where to hide storage space usage and saves the hassle of searching for temporary directories and files. Also, you can teach your own folders shareware, which will henceforth be automatically cleaned. System error detects and corrects hard disk cleaner and makes the operating system more stable and thus somewhat slimmer by broken links, shortcuts and other incorrect entries are reliably corrected.

WashAndGo downloadWashAndGo Download as clever disk scrubber for Windows systems

WashAndGo provides a safety backup for emergencies

Even with the current and popular browsers to WashAndGo understands well. So the cache directories are emptied along with the list of visited web pages. The same goes for several hundred applications whose Temp directories are also adjusted. The integrated safety backup produced on request before deleting a backup in the event of cases. These fuses the security-conscious user can store the deleted files and the registry entries for a while and always copy back into the system. The fuses are protected with a password so that unauthorized persons have no way to use this information elsewhere or abuse.

Cleans automatically on a fixed schedule

His job done WashAndGo way, at the request largely automatically and as time tasks. Alternatively, the cleaning squad admits afterwards just closed programs and removes its traces immediately. The current version of the shareware supports more than 500 applications cleanings, eliminating optional HTML 5 cookies and presents an expanded shredder for secure deletion of files. The WashAndGo main functions in the overview:

  • Remove superfluous garbage
  • clean up Internet tracks
  • detect system errors and correct
  • Safety backup to undo changes
  • fix faulty entries in the registry
  • Statistics for memory consumption of the hard drive
  • Automatic cleaning according to schedule

WashAndGo Download ToolsNumerous tools are available.

Limitations of WashAndGo

30 day trial.